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7501 Sergius I was living between 840 and 864. Sergius I Duke of Naples (I5812)
7502 Sewell (2008) gives her birth date as 1024. Anne of Kiev (I2990)
7503 Sewell gives their marriage year as 798. Family F2342
7504 Sewell gives their marriage year as 886. Family F2457
7505 Sewell gives their marriage year as 935. Family F2456
7506 She also went by Mary. Delvey, Polly (I15503)
7507 She and her family were early settlers of Swansea, Massachusetts. Albee, Prudence (I19141)
7508 She and her husband had fled to Brittany with their daughters, but they were captured and murdered. Chalda (I22762)
7509 She and her husband, were murdered in the Forest of Lognes near Chelles, France by Bodilo. Bilichild (I22706)
7510 She appears on the 1850 Census with her husband, George, and their two children, Rosette and George. Her age is given as 26. See document below. Taylor, Almira Caroline (I22907)
7511 She appears on the 1860 Census with her husband, George, and his two children, Rosette and George, and their daughter, Carrie. Her age is given as 27. See document below. Russell, Susan A. (I22908)
7512 She appears on the 1870 Census with her husband, George, and their daughter, Minnie. Her age is given as 36. See document below. Houghton, Mary A. (I22909)
7513 She appears on the 1880 Census with her husband, George living on Main Street. Her age is given as 47. See document below. Houghton, Mary A. (I22909)
7514 She became a nun at Wilton Abbey, Wiltshire. Gunhild (I23457)
7515 She became a nun in later life. Sigrée (I3693)
7516 She came to America in 1635 at the age of 32. Greenaway, Ursula (I19658)
7517 She came to New France, aged about 21, after her father's death with a dowry of goods estimated at 200 livres. Marie-Agnès was a Filles du Roi (King's Daughter).  Destouches, Marie-Agnès (I10434)
7518 She died a nun. de Trqueville, Lezieline (I7149)
7519 She died a week after her husband. Pray, Dorothy (I481)
7520 She died as an infant. Woodman, Dolly (I14131)
7521 She died as an infant. Woodman, baby girl (I14166)
7522 She died at 10 minutes of three in the morning. Mayo, Esther Kellogg (I439)
7523 She died at 11 o'clock in the morning. Delvey, Ruth Melinda (I191)
7524 She died at around midnight. Andrews, Abigail (I2393)
7525 She died at home at 422 Pine Street, Lowell. Flanders, Mary E. (I254)
7526 She died at sea while being transported to France. Haché, Marie-Madeleine (I12135)
7527 She died at ten to seven in the morning. Ward, Esther Finette (I11929)
7528 She died at the residence of Josiah Goddard, who had married her daughter, Rachel. Adams, Jane (I19243)
7529 She died during the early night. McIntire, Hannah (I15598)
7530 She died early in her marriage. Warren, Elizabeth (I22864)
7531 She died en route to America on board the Charming Nancy of childbirth.  Pfalzgraf, Anna Margaret (I10821)
7532 She died from being tied by her hair, one arm, and a leg to the tail of an unbroken horse, being cut to shreds by the hooves as it ran. Brunechilde (I22755)
7533 She died from childbirth. Marshal, Lady Isabel (I3555)
7534 She died from infection and complications from childbirth. Whitcomb, Olive Irena (I22917)
7535 She died having never fully recovered from the birth of her son. Baker, Nancy Jane (I22923)
7536 She died in a monastery. Eirene Komnena (I5103)
7537 She died in childbirth with twins. One died five days later ant the other four years later. Kimball, Abigail (I18679)
7538 She died in childbirth. Jeanne of Navarre Queen of France and Navarre (I2932)
7539 She died in that part of Oxford called the North Gore. Gleason, Susannah (I1091)
7540 She died in the house fire saving her brother. Wood, Elizabeth (I14907)
7541 She died in the night. Cheney, Ellen (I19554)
7542 She died of child birth. Knight, Rebecca (I18336)
7543 She died on a pilgrimage to Rome. Æthelswyth (I22627)
7544 She died on-board The Violet bound for France. Haché, Marguerite (I12134)
7545 She died one hour after giving birth. Brindle, Ethel Mae (I11298)
7546 She died shortly after the death of her first child. Willard, Mary (I19504)
7547 She died six weeks before her husband.  Tufts, Elizabeth (I793)
7548 She died the same day as her mother. Wheeler, Sarah (I20104)
7549 She died thirteen days after the birth and death of her only child. Leighton, Elizabeth (I23658)
7550 She died unmarried Scully, Mary S. J. (I815)
7551 She died unmarried Scully, Rose Marie "Aunt Mich" (I818)
7552 She died unmarried. Dugas, Hilaire (I12631)
7553 She died unmarried. Morse, Lucy (I14343)
7554 She died while on a pilgrimage. Hildegarde of Metz (I3075)
7555 She died within ten days of making her will. Harding, Elizabeth (I19788)
7556 She died without children. Family F7817
7557 She died without issue. Hill, Elizabeth (I19690)
7558 She died without issue. Hill, Susan (I19696)
7559 She died without issue. Marrett, Abigail (I20230)
7560 She died without issue. Marrett, Susanna (I20229)
7561 She died without issue. Soatlie, Maria (I20706)
7562 She died without issue. Hill, Joane (I21522)
7563 She died young without children. de Ferrers, Maud (I23691)
7564 She died young. Gauvin, Rose (I12242)
7565 She died young. Swett, Hannah (I12648)
7566 She died young. Eddy, Elizabeth (I12708)
7567 She died young. Bement, Mary (I12811)
7568 She died young. Sawyer, Hannah (I14095)
7569 She died young. Woodman, Ammi (I14136)
7570 She doesn't appear on the census of 1667. Mercier, Jeanne (I17471)
7571 She drew up the Marsian Laws, which centuries later, King Alfred translated from Welsh into English. Upon the death of her husband, she ruled jointly with her son until her death. Marsia (I2573)
7572 She fell from her horse and died the next day. Stebbins, Abigail (I17973)
7573 She founded the Abbey of St. Vincent at Senlis.  Anne of Kiev (I2990)
7574 She founded the Imperial Monastery at Lorsch near Worms with her eldest son, Count Cancor on 12 July 764. Williswint (I3012)
7575 She had a sister named Dodo. Aupais (I3384)
7576 She had never married Delvey, Lois (I11937)
7577 She held a seat in the meeting house in Amesbury in 1667. Ann (I247)
7578 She held lands in the Alsace. Berta (I9105)
7579 She helped to care for family members and never married. She kept house for her brother, David, after his wife died. Eventually, she had a small house built on her father's farm and lived out her life there. Goodell, Anna "Ann" (I13019)
7580 She immigrated in 1667 with a dowry in goods worth 200 levres. She was one of the King's Daughters. Langlois, Marie (I3974)
7581 She inherited Bavaria from her grandmother. Fara (I5534)
7582 She is also called "Marie" in the records. Mason, Mary (I20268)
7583 She is also called "Mary Delvee" in some records. Delvee, Polly (I15454)
7584 She is also called Agnes in some documents. Anne (I19789)
7585 She is also called Anne-Marie  Cormier, Anne (I1500)
7586 She is also called Hadagunda von Diessen  Haziga Countess of Diessen (I4081)
7587 She is also listed as Anne. Walker, Anna (I15332)
7588 She is called "Sarah" in the Watertown records. Underwood, Mary (I15172)
7589 She is in an unmarked grave. Susannah (I1573)
7590 She is listed as 'Anna' on her baptismal record. Stearns, Hannah (I19978)
7591 She is listed as "Ellen" on the burial record. Eddy, Eleanor (I16092)
7592 She is listed as Female Gladwin on her birth certificate Gladwin, Floretta Ada (I11174)
7593 She is listed as Rebecca Johnson in the marriage record. The published town records give the 12, but a review of the original state the marriage was on the 11th. Family F1001
7594 She is listed in the records as the daughter of Richard. It may have been a different Richard. Scott, Joanna (I21251)
7595 She is mentioned in a charter dated 25 April 975. Rothielda of Spoleto (I4301)
7596 She is not listed in the census of 1666. Gagnon, Anne (I17500)
7597 She is not listed on the 1666 Census. Pineault, Jeanne (I18072)
7598 She is not listed on the 1681 census. Jetté, Françoise (I16867)
7599 She is not listed on the 1681 census. Guertin, Angélique (I16967)
7600 She is not mentioned in her mother's will of 1 August 1637. Eddy, Priscilla (I16086)

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