Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.85839250000001, Longitude: -70.93003759999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnard, Anne  8 Oct 1713Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14429
2 Barnard, Benjamin  Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14431
3 Barnard, Dorothy  Abt 1677Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I715
4 Barnard, Eleanor  28 Oct 1699Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14423
5 Barnard, Eleanor  9 Feb 1706Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I235
6 Barnard, Hannah  15 Apr 1671Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14409
7 Barnard, Hannah  18 Feb 1708Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14426
8 Barnard, Hannah  8 Jan 1719/20Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14432
9 Barnard, Jonathan  8 Jul 1702Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14424
10 Barnard, Joseph  Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14408
11 Barnard, Joseph  15 Nov 1715Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14430
12 Barnard, Mary  10 Dec 1697Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14422
13 Barnard, Mary  27 Apr 1704Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14425
14 Barnard, Nathaniel  3 Jun 1675Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14410
15 Barnard, Samuel  10 Feb 1672/73Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I237
16 Barnard, Samuel  22 Jul 1711Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14428
17 Barnard, Sarah  2 Jun 1723Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14433
18 Barnard, Thomas  4 Nov 1709Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14427
19 Barnard, Tristram  Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14411
20 Challis, Ann  11 Aug 1700Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I713
21 Challis, David  11 Sep 1737Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14480
22 Challis, Enoch  30 Apr 1732Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14478
23 Challis, Hannah  20 Sep 1675Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18579
24 Challis, John  Abt 1677Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18580
25 Challis, Judith  22 Aug 1704Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14483
26 Challis, Judith  26 Aug 1728Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14476
27 Challis, Mary  27 Aug 1668Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18577
28 Challis, Mary  20 Jan 1707/8Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14484
29 Challis, Peleg  28 May 1730Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14477
30 Challis, Philip  16 Nov 1697Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14482
31 Challis, Philip Watson  Abt 1670Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18583
32 Challis, Sarah  Abt 1739Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14481
33 Challis, Thomas  22 Jun 1673Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I716
34 Challis, Thomas  18 Dec 1709Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14485
35 Challis, Thomas  20 Jan 1734Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14479
36 Colby, Hannah  3 Jul 1692Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14401
37 Colby, Jacob  13 Apr 1688Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18525
38 Colby, Joseph  1 Aug 1680Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14398
39 Colby, Judith  23 Apr 1690Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14400
40 Colby, son  Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14396
41 Colby, son  Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14397
42 Colby, son  12 Feb 1687/88Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14399
43 Colby, Thomas  Abt 1667Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18459
44 Currier, Aaron  2 Jan 1716/17Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14469
45 Currier, Anne  Abt 1678Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I238
46 Currier, Anne  6 Apr 1739Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14492
47 Currier, Banard  15 Apr 1719Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14470
48 Currier, Benjamin  27 Mar 1688Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14419
49 Currier, Challis  21 Dec 1724Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14487
50 Currier, Daniel  31 May 1692Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14421
51 Currier, David  17 Feb 1695/96Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14462
52 Currier, Dorothy  5 Nov 1706Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14465
53 Currier, Dorothy  20 Jan 1735Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14491
54 Currier, Ebenezer  22 Aug 1690Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14420
55 Currier, Hannah  28 Mar 1670Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14412
56 Currier, Hannah  31 Jul 1701Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14463
57 Currier, John  1682/83Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14417
58 Currier, John  5 Apr 1704Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14464
59 Currier, Jonathan  7 Feb 1698/99Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I712
60 Currier, Jonathan  26 Oct 1726Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14488
61 Currier, Joseph  Abt 1685Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14418
62 Currier, Judith  13 Aug 1733Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14490
63 Currier, Lydia  9 Nov 1740Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14493
64 Currier, Mary  28 Nov 1676Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14415
65 Currier, Mary  2 Aug 1722Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14471
66 Currier, Mary  23 Mar 1729/30Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14489
67 Currier, Mary  1 Dec 1731Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I589
68 Currier, Merriam  10 Apr 1711Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14467
69 Currier, Moses  Abt 1713Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14468
70 Currier, Philip  04 Mar 1722/23Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14486
71 Currier, Richard  12 Apr 1673Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I714
72 Currier, Richard  12 Feb 1708Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14466
73 Currier, Samuel  3 Jan 1674/75Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14414
74 Currier, Thomas  28 Nov 1671Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14413
75 Currier, William  1680Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14416
76 Davis, Francis  29 Sep 1687Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18565
77 Davis, Gertrude  13 Nov 1676Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I733
78 Davis, John  2 Sep 1674Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18563
79 Davis, Thomas  Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18564
80 Flanders, Daniel  9 Aug 1707Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14403
81 Flanders, Eleanor  19 Jan 1701/02Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14402
82 Flanders, Jedidiah  13 Apr 1705Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I234
83 Flanders, Judith  04 Feb 1711/12Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14404
84 Flanders, Sarah  29 Mar 1714Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14405
85 Gould, Hannah  13 May 1675Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I869
86 Gould, Joseph  28 Aug 1670Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18736
87 Hackett, John  15 Apr 1669Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14147
88 Hackett, Mary  19 Jun 1671Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14148
89 Kimball, Aaron  25 Jun 1744Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14694
90 Kimball, Abigail  12 Jun 1669Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18726
91 Kimball, Abigail  13 Aug 1731Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14689
92 Kimball, Abraham  Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18731
93 Kimball, Benjamin  23 Aug 1673Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18727
94 Kimball, Benjamin  14 Apr 1699Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14675
95 Kimball, Benjamin  27 May 1707Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I864
96 Kimball, David  5 Dec 1730Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14688
97 Kimball, Deborah  22 Jan 1674Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18728
98 Kimball, Elizabeth  21 Nov 1746Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14695
99 Kimball, Hannah  Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18729
100 Kimball, Hannah  say 1708Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14679

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Flanders, Eleanor  01 Feb 1718/19Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14402
2 Flanders, Elizabeth  6 Apr 1735Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14437
3 Flanders, Jedidiah  24 Jan 1730/31Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I234
4 Flanders, Sarah  24 Jan 1730/31Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14434
5 Flanders, Timothy  6 Aug 1732Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alice  After 1662Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I741
2 Ann  5 Apr 1675 - 26 Oct 1676Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I247
3 Eleanor or Helen  27 Nov 1694Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I242
4 Ruth  Before May 1748Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14394
5 Barnard, Dorothy  2 Mar 1765Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I715
6 Barnard, Eleanor  25 Mar 1703Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14423
7 Barnard, Hannah  youngAmesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14426
8 Barnard, John  15 Jul 1718Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I160
9 Barnard, Jonathan  27 Sep 1770Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14424
10 Barnard, Joseph  24 Oct 1706Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14408
11 Barnard, Mary  24 Jan 1702Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14422
12 Barnard, Nathaniel  youngAmesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14410
13 Barnard, Samuel  Between 1745 and 1749Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I237
14 Barnard, Thomas  About 1677Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I241
15 Barnard, Thomas  Before 5 Dec 1715Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I239
16 Barnard, Thomas  21 Dec 1723Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14407
17 Barnes, Hannah  27 May 1688Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18548
18 Barnes, Rachel  1717/18Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I735
19 Barnes, Rebecca  3 Apr 1727Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1156
20 Barnes, Sarah  17 Apr 1720Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18551
21 Barnes, William  14 Mar 1697/98Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I736
22 Brown, Abraham  21 Mar 1758Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1647
23 Challis, Mary  25 May 1687Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18577
24 Challis, Philip Watson  1681 to 1693Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18583
25 Challis, Thomas  12 Mar 1752Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14485
26 Colby, Frances  After 1731Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I947
27 Colby, Hannah  07 Mar 1702/3Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14401
28 Colby, Hannah  After 1730Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I724
29 Colby, Isaac  1684Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18439
30 Colby, Jacob  22 Feb 1735/36Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18525
31 Colby, John  6 Feb 1673/74Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I157
32 Colby, John  3 Feb 1717Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14395
33 Colby, John  6 Apr 1719Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I159
34 Colby, Judith  02 Mar 1702/3Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14400
35 Colby, Samuel  1716Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18438
36 Colby, Sarah  14 Mar 1711Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18456
37 Colby, son  Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14396
38 Colby, son  12 Feb 1687/88Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14399
39 Colby, son  1 Mar 1687/88Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14397
40 Colby, Thomas  Before 30 Mar 1691Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I727
41 Colby, Thomas  1737 to 1739Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18459
42 Copp, Martha  12 Jan 1729/30Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I726
43 Currier, Anne  Before 1752Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I238
44 Currier, Benjamin  Aug 1748Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14419
45 Currier, David  1737Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14462
46 Currier, Hannah  3 Jun 1783Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14463
47 Currier, John  Between 18 Mar 1742 and 12 Apr 1742Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14417
48 Currier, Joseph  19 Nov 1748Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14418
49 Currier, Mary  youngAmesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14489
50 Currier, Richard  22 Feb 1686/87Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I246
51 Currier, Richard  8 Feb 1747/48Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I714
52 Currier, Thomas  27 Sep 1712Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I244
53 Currier, Thomas  18 Apr 1750Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14413
54 Davis, Francis  12 Apr 1710Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I738
55 Davis, Francis  9 Oct 1753Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18565
56 Davis, John  Before 1743Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18563
57 Davis, Thomas  Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18564
58 Flanders, Daniel  Mar 1735Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I233
59 Flanders, Sarah  Before 1765Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14434
60 Flanders, Timothy  Abt 1765Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14435
61 Gouge, Marah  Before Apr 1715Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18717
62 Gould, Hannah  After 1740Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I869
63 Gould, Nathan  1693Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I881
64 Gould, Samuel  Dec 1725Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18735
65 Harvey, John  8 Mar 1706Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18479
66 Harvey, Thomas  1715Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18478
67 Hoyt, Frances  2 Jan 1720/21Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I158
68 Hoyt, John  29 Feb 1687/88Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I359
69 Hoyt, Thomas  3 Jan 1690/91Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18452
70 Kimball, Benjamin  youngAmesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14675
71 Kimball, Hannah  Abt 1753Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18729
72 Kimball, John  12 Oct 1723Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I870
73 Kimball, John  Jun or Jul 1740Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I868
74 Kimball, Joseph  12 Oct 1723Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18730
75 Kimball, Nathan  1753Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14682
76 Lord, Rachel  9 Feb 1685/86Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I737
77 Morrill, Moses  20 May 1731Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1604
78 Morrill, Sarah  11 Sep 1731Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18641
79 Nichols, Thomas  Before 1720Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I990
80 Nichols, Thomas  Nov 1724Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14913
81 Osgood, Mary  2 Nov 1705Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I245
82 Peasley, Sarah  Before 14 Sep 1736Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I240
83 Perkins, Elizabeth  1670Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I720
84 Pindar, Joanna  Oct 1690Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1254
85 Pritchard, Joseph  1731/32Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1312
86 Rowell, John  12 Sep 1649Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18514
87 Rowell, Philip  7 Jul 1690Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18515
88 Rowell, Thomas  20 Jun 1684Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18513
89 Sargent, John  9 Nov 1690Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18553
90 Sargent, Joseph  18 May 1733Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18559
91 Sargent, Judith  22 May 1688Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18560
92 Sargent, Judith  15 Sep 1715Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18561
93 Sargent, Mary  27 Sep 1716Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I718
94 Sargent, Peter  1777Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14455
95 Sargent, Rachel  19 Apr 1720Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18557
96 Sargent, Sarah  3 Oct 1701Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18545
97 Sargent, Thomas  18 Mar 1670Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18552
98 Sargent, Thomas  27 Feb 1705/06Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I734
99 Sargent, Thomas  1 May 1719Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18555
100 Sargent, William  Abt 1675Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I719

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Estate Administered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Estate Administered    Person ID 
1 Barnard, John  4 Aug 1718Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I160
2 Barnard, Joseph  5 May 1707Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14408
3 Barnard, Samuel  23 Jan 1749Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I237
4 Barnard, Thomas  02 Mar 1723/24Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14407
5 Challis, Thomas  1 Oct 1764Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14479
6 Kimball, John  6 Jun 1726Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I870
7 Kimball, Joseph  4 Nov 1723Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18730
8 Kimball, Nathan  2 Apr 1753Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14682


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID 
1 Barnard, John  1690Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I160
2 Barnard, Thomas  1690Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I239
3 Kimball, John  1690Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I870
4 Tuxbury, Henry  1690Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I725


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Barnard, John  Dec 1677Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I160
2 Barnard, Thomas  Dec 1677Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I239
3 Colby, Anthony  19 Mar 1654Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I155
4 Colby, Samuel  1676Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18438
5 Currier, Thomas  1670Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I244
6 Hackett, William  1667Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1137
7 Kimball, David  1755Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14688
8 Kimball, John  1708Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I868
9 Kimball, Mary  8 Dec 1726Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18720
10 Nichols, John  1708Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14915
11 Sargent, William  1669Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18543
12 Taylor, Walter  1680Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I740


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inventory    Person ID 
1 Barnard, Thomas  25 Jan 1723/24Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14407
2 Currier, David  20 Jul 1737Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14462
3 Currier, Thomas  27 Sep 1712Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I244
4 Flanders, Daniel  15 Apr 1735Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I233


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land    Person ID 
1 Colby, Anthony  1640Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I155
2 Colby, Samuel  1659Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18438
3 Currier, Richard  1654Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I246
4 Gould, Nathan  1657/58Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I881
5 Hoyt, John  1658Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18451
6 Peasley, Joseph  1659Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18469
7 Rowell, Thomas  1659Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18513
8 Rowell, Valentine  1654Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1246
9 Taylor, Walter  1670Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I740


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Mary  1704Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18546
2 Hoyt, Mary  13 Jun 1729Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18444
3 Kimball, Abraham  11 Jan 1754Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18731
4 Kimball, Mary  1740Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18720
5 Sawyer, William  1671Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I858
6 Tuxbury, Henry  1697Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I725
7 Weed, Deborah  1726Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18718


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 Badger, Ruth  22 Dec 1707Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16276
2 Barnard, Jonathan  6 Oct 1725Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14424
3 Barnard, Joseph  1 Dec 1693Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14408
4 Barnard, Joseph  20 Nov 1740Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14430
5 Barnard, Mary  13 Jan 1724/25Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14425
6 Barnard, Ruth  21 Jan 1671Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18257
7 Barnes, Sarah  8 Sep 1670Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18551
8 Challis, Elizabeth  6 Jan 1693Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18581
9 Challis, John  26 Jan 1699Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18580
10 Challis, Lydia  say 1709Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18576
11 Challis, Mary  25 May 1687Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18577
12 Challis, William  2 Jan 1699Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18582
13 Chase, John  say 1709Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18388
14 Colby, Hannah  8 Jun 1693Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18460
15 Colby, Isaac  5 Dec 1701Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18523
16 Colby, Jacob  9 Apr 1711Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18525
17 Colby, Jacob  11 Nov 1724Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18525
18 Colby, John  2 Dec 1702Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14395
19 Colby, Joseph  22 Nov 1704Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14398
20 Colby, Joseph  1 Aug 1722Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14398
21 Colby, Mary  23 Sep 1668Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18441
22 Colby, Thomas  21 Nov 1688Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18459
23 Currier, Aaron  15 Dec 1736Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14469
24 Currier, Aaron  11 Jan 1787Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14469
25 Currier, Daniel  12 Dec 1717Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14421
26 Currier, David  11 Dec 1718Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14462
27 Currier, Dorothy  18 Nov 1725Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14465
28 Currier, Hannah  26 Oct 1721Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14463
29 Currier, John  29 Nov 1705Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14417
30 Currier, Joseph  9 Dec 1708Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14418
31 Currier, Mary  17 Mar 1706/7Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14415
32 Currier, Mary  1 Sep 1743Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14471
33 Currier, Merriam  19 Dec 1728Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14467
34 Currier, Moses  24 Oct 1734Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14468
35 Currier, Thomas  19 Sep 1700Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14413
36 Currier, William  14 Dec 1704Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14416
37 Currier, William  08 Mar 1721/22Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14416
38 Davis, Francis  6 Sep 1716Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18565
39 Davis, John  22 Dec 1707Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18563
40 Davis, Samuel  18 Sep 1718Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18566
41 Davis, Thomas  15 Dec 1709Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18564
42 Flanders, Daniel  3 Nov 1726Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14403
43 Flanders, Daniel  10 Dec 1761Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14438
44 Flanders, Eleanor  20 May 1726Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14402
45 Flanders, Jane  18 Jan 1710/11Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14389
46 Flanders, John  18 Jan 1688Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18425
47 Flanders, Judith  22 Oct 1728Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14404
48 Flanders, Judith  6 Jun 1795Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14508
49 Flanders, Mary  7 Apr 1796Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14501
50 Flanders, Sarah  19 Dec 1751Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14434
51 Flanders, Steven  20 Jun 1706Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14384
52 Gould, Joseph  26 Jan 1714Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18736
53 Gould, Samuel  6 Apr 1693Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18735
54 Harvey, Thomas  26 Oct 1676Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18478
55 Kimball, Deborah  29 Jan 1702Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18728
56 Kimball, Hannah  5 Jan 1711Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18729
57 Kimball, Jonathan  6 May 1724Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14677
58 Kimball, Sarah  27 Aug 1724Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14676
59 Merrill, Nathaniel  28 Jul 1709Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18382
60 Morrill, Sarah  5 Jan 1670Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18641
61 Peasley, Joseph  21 Jan 1671Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18469
62 Rowell, Mary  18 Sep 1673Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18516
63 Rowell, Philip  5 Jan 1670Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18515
64 Rowell, Sarah  26 Oct 1676Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18517
65 Rowell, Thomas  8 Sep 1670Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18513
66 Sargent, Hannah  13 Jul 1704Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18558
67 Sargent, John  12 Jan 1714Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18562
68 Sargent, Joseph  17 Nov 1715Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18559
69 Sargent, Peter  15 Jul 1742Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14455
70 Sargent, Rachel  14 Dec 1704Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18557
71 Sargent, Sarah  22 Dec 1681Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18545
72 Sargent, Thomas  17 Dec 1702Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18555
73 Sargent, William  23 Sep 1668Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18543
74 Sawyer, Benjamin  3 Feb 1714Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14098
75 Tucker, Benjamin  16 Dec 1714Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20777
76 Tucker, Elizabeth  1716Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20779
77 Tucker, Mary  1718Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20780
78 Tucker, Nathaniel  25 Aug 1726Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20778
79 Tuxbury, David  10 Mar 1723/24Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14442
80 Tuxbury, Dorothy  26 Sep 1703Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14443
81 Tuxbury, Elizabeth  5 Dec 1717Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14441
82 Tuxbury, Elizabeth  20 Nov 1740Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14456
83 Tuxbury, Hannah  3 Jun 1729Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14445
84 Tuxbury, Jacob  1746Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14457
85 Tuxbury, John  25 Nov 1736Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14447
86 Tuxbury, Mary  7 Dec 1693Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18494
87 Tuxbury, Sarah  Feb 1759Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14459
88 Tuxbury, Tabitha  3 Jan 1726/27Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14444
89 Woodman, Hannah  1 Sep 1782Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14127
90 Woodman, Sarah  14 Oct 1783Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14128
91 Worthen, Dorothy  5 Oct 1702Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14392


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Challis, William  1680Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18582
2 Davis, Francis  1680Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I738
3 Gould, Samuel  1708Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18735
4 Kimball, John  1680Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I870
5 Kimball, Joseph  1708Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18730
6 Sargent, William  1680Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18543
7 Tucker, Benoni  1708Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1307

Moved To

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved To    Person ID 
1 Sawyer, Benjamin  Abt 1719Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14098
2 Swett, Mary  Abt 1719Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14077
3 Tuxbury, Henry  1669Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I725

Moved to

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved to    Person ID 
1 Hoyt, John  1647Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I359
2 Kimball, John  Abt 1669Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I870
3 Sargent, William  Abt 1640Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I719


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Oath    Person ID 
1 Davis, Francis  20 Dec 1677Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I738
2 Davis, Samuel  Dec 1677Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20742
3 Kimball, John  20 Dec 1677Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I870
4 Tuxbury, Henry  1677Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I725


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Davis, John  say 1704Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18563
2 Flanders, Daniel  say 1701Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I233
3 Harvey, John  say 1684Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18479
4 Harvey, Thomas  say 1682Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18478
5 Hoyt, John  1667 to 1669Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18451

Offices Held

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Offices Held    Person ID 
1 Currier, Thomas  14 Dec 1674Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I244
2 Sargent, William  1667Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I719
3 Tuxbury, Henry  1693Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I725


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate/Proved    Person ID 
1 Kimball, John  14 Jul 1740Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I868


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Ruth  say 1700Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14394
2 Colby, Frances  5 May 1700Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I947
3 Currier, Banard  15 Apr 1719Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14470
4 Currier, Banard  24 May 1741Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14470
5 Currier, John  25 Jan 1735/36Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14464
6 Currier, John  01 Feb 1735/36Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14464
7 Currier, Jonathan  12 Jul 1741Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I712
8 Currier, Jonathan  23 Nov 1746Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I712
9 Currier, Richard  6 May 1733Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14466
10 Currier, Richard  24 Aug 1746Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14466
11 Currier, Thomas  8 Feb 1699/1700Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14413
12 Harvey, John  8 Feb 1699/1700Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18479
13 Morrill, Paul  Abt 1742Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14650
14 Rowell, Thomas  1667Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18513
15 Wells, Thomas  About 1673Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18217


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barnard, Nathaniel  Apr 1665Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18253
2 Barnard, Sarah  1720Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14406
3 Colby, Isaac  1667Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18439
4 Colby, Jacob  say 1715Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18525
5 Gould, Nathan  1690Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I881
6 Morrill, Moses  1726Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1604


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Barnard, Dorothy  14 Mar 1748/49Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I715
2 Barnard, Tristram  May 1759Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14411
3 Challis, Thomas  8 Jan 1750Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I716
4 Currier, Banard  25 Apr 1786Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14470
5 Currier, Benjamin  16 Jul 1748Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14419
6 Currier, Ebenezer  18 Sep 1745Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14420
7 Currier, John  18 Mar 1742Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14417
8 Currier, Joseph  21 Jul 1748Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14418
9 Currier, Richard  6 Jun 1744Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I714
10 Currier, Thomas  26 Aug 1708Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I244
11 Currier, Thomas  8 Feb 1749Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14413
12 Currier, William  30 Oct 1746Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14416
13 Davis, Francis  6 Jan 1745Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18565
14 Davis, Samuel  7 Sep 1696Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20742
15 Kimball, John  3 Jun 1740Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I868
16 Sawyer, Benjamin  27 Jan 1724/25Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14098


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnard / Hoyt  27 Dec 1676Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F193
2 Brown / Morrill  21 Dec 1714Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1374
3 Challis / Colby  Before 3 Sep 1696Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F686
4 Challis / Weed  22 Sep 1727Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F687
5 Colby /   8 Feb 1714/15Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F197
6 Colby / Rowell  16 Sep 1668Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F696
7 Currier / Challis  25 Jan 1721/22Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F594
8 Currier / Pindar  26 Oct 1676Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F286
9 Davis / Taylor  20 Jan 1673/74Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F705
10 Flanders / Barnard  3 Jan 1727/28Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F276
11 Flanders / Colby  1 May 1700Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F200
12 Kimball / Greeley  5 Dec 1728Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F813
13 Kimball / Weed  Apr 1715Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F823
14 Sargent / Davis  Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F694
15 Tucker / Pritchard  21 Jan 1706/07Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F414
16 Tuxbury / Sargent  11 Jan 1720/21Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F593

Marriage Intentions

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Marriage Intentions    Family ID 
1 Flanders / Barnard  11 Nov 1727Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F276
2 Flanders / Worthen  24 Oct 1724Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F275
3 Sargent / Davis  2 Nov 1700Amesbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F694

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