Roy Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, Whelpley, and Woodman
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Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.30163049999999, Longitude: -71.06760500000001


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atherton, Increase  02 Jan 1641/42Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19677
2 Cheney, Abiel  26 Nov 1681Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I15098
3 Cheney, Benjamin  1 May 1677Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I15097
4 Clap, Ensign Ebenezer  Jul 1643Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20256
5 Clap, Ebenezer  25 Oct 1678Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20261
6 Clap, Elizabeth  22 May 1676Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20260
7 Clap, Hannah  1646Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20257
8 Clap, Deacon John  7 Apr 1671Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I148
9 Clap, Deacon Jonathan  31 Aug 1673Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20259
10 Clap, Mehetable  30 Aug 1684Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20262
11 Clap, Nathaniel  15 Sep 1640Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I146
12 Clap, Rev. Nathaniel  20 Jan 1668/69Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20258
13 Clap, Noah  15 Jul 1667Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20250
14 Clap, Sarah  31 Dec 1637Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20251
15 Clap, Sarah  31 Dec 1637Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20255
16 Hayden, John  1634Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I345
17 Hill, Frances  Abt 1632Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14538
18 Hill, Hannah  1641Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14542
19 Hill, Israel  About 1648Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14546
20 Hill, Mary  Abt 1636Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14540
21 Hill, Mercy  1642Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14543
22 Hill, Rebecca  Abt 1634Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14539
23 Hill, Ruth  Aug 1644Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14544
24 Hill, Samuel  Abt 1638Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14541
25 Trowbridge, Elizabeth  12 Oct 1660Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20549
26 Trowbridge, Deacon James  1636Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I587
27 Trowbridge, Mindwell  20 Jun 1662Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20550


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Atherton, Rev. Hope  30 Aug 1646Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19679
2 Atherton, Patience  2 Apr 1654Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19681
3 Atherton, Rest  26 May 1639Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19676
4 Atherton, Thankful  28 Apr 1644Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19678
5 Atherton, Watching  24 Aug 1651Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19680
6 Clap, Ensign Ebenezer  17 Mar 1644Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20256
7 Hill, Ebenezer  15 Feb 1645/46Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14545
8 Hill, Hannah  Dec 1641Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14542
9 Hill, Jonathan  12 Jul 1640Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14531
10 Hill, Martha  20 Aug 1648Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14547
11 Hill, Mehitable  18 Feb 1650/51Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14548
12 Hill, Mercy  8 Jan 1642/43Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14543
13 Hill, Samuel  1638Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14541
14 Mead, Israel  2 Sep 1639Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16111
15 Meade, David  7 Jul 1650Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16114
16 Meade, Experience  23 Jan 1641/42Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16112
17 Meade, Patience  29 Mar 1646/47Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16113
18 Meade, Sarah  4 Jan 1643Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1101
19 Trowbridge, Deacon James  1638Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I587
20 Wiswel, Deborah  30 May 1641Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I15091


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Mary  23 Jan 1658/59Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I41
2 Atherton, Mary  17 Sep 1692Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19675
3 Atherton, Rest  13 Nov 1708Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19676
4 Atherton, Thankful  11 Apr 1719Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19678
5 Bass, Mary  29 Jun 1704Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18597
6 Cheney, Abiel  17 Dec 1681Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I15098
7 Cheney, Benjamin  17 Dec 1737Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I15097
8 Cheney, William  22 Sep 1681Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I130
9 Clap, Ebenezer  20 May 1750Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20261
10 Clap, John  24 Jul 1655Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20247
11 Clap, Deacon Jonathan  2 Jan 1723/24Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20259
12 Clap, Mehetable  20 Feb 1685Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20262
13 Clap, Nathaniel  16 May 1707Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I146
14 Clap, Deacon Nicholas  24 Nov 1679Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I144
15 Clap, Radigon  10 Dec 1645Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20246
16 Dunham, Daniel  18 Feb 1677Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18310
17 Eliot, Mary  24 Mar 1679Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19274
18 Greenaway, Ann  31 Dec 1695Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19657
19 Greenaway, John  About 1652Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I973
20 Greenaway, Ursula  19 Dec 1682Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19658
21 Hill, Frances  18 Nov 1676Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14538
22 Hill, John  31 May 1664Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I596
23 Hill, Mehitable  5 Mar 1679Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14548
24 Hill, Samuel  12 Jan 1708/09Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14541
25 Jones, Hannah  20 Apr 1721Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16453
26 Kennion, Mary  1672Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I44
27 Mason, Hannah  1696Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20285
28 Mayo, Mary  Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19222
29 Meade, Gabriel  12 May 1666Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1102
30 Meade, Patience  22 May 1670Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16113
31 Pond, Mary  28 Apr 1675Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19855
32 Pond, Robert  1637Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1896
33 Pond, Robert  1652Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19858
34 Robinson, William  5 or 6 Jul 1668Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24720
35 Smith, Elizabeth  12 Sep 1722Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I147
36 Wales, Samuel  20 Jan 1712/13Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19668
37 Wiswel, Deborah  26 Feb 1717/18Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I15091


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Atherton, Mary  Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19675
2 Clap, Deacon Jonathan  Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20259
3 Clap, Nathaniel  17 May 1707Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I146
4 Greenaway, Ann  Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19657
5 Smith, Elizabeth  Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I147


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 Atherton, Consider  19 Dec 1671Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19674
2 Atherton, Mary  9 Apr 1667Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19675
3 Atherton, Rest  15 Mar 1690Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19676
4 Atherton, Thankful  2 Apr 1665Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19678
5 Atherton, Watching  23 Jan 1679Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19680
6 Barber, John  17 Dec 1674Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I21054
7 Bass, Mary  20 Sep 1647Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18597
8 Cheney, Benjamin  22 Feb 1699Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I15097
9 Clap, Elizabeth  14 Mar 1700Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20260
10 Clap, Jane  27 Oct 1659Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20253
11 Clap, Jane  19 Mar 1662Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20253
12 Clap, Deacon Jonathan  23 Jun 1703Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20259
13 Clap, Radigon  20 Oct 1637Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20246
14 Greenewood, Alice  3 Nov 1656Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20521
15 Hawes, Experience  7 Dec 1716Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I21093
16 Hill, Mary  12 Feb 1656/57Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14540
17 Hill, Ruth  19 Jul 1654Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14544
18 Meade, Patience  28 Apr 1669Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16113


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Clap, Deacon Nicholas  Abt 1633Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I144
2 Clap, Prudence  1633Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20242
3 Clap, Sarah  Abt 1633Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I145
4 Hayden, John  1630Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I343
5 Hayden, William  1630Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19624
6 Wolcott, Henry Esq  1630Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1005


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Deed    Person ID 
1 Greenaway, John  1651Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I973

Estate Admin

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Estate Admin    Person ID 
1 Hill, Israel  31 Jul 1677Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14546


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID 
1 Atherton, Major Gen. Humphrey  2 May 1638Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I43
2 Clap, Thomas  1638Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20244
3 Dimmick, Rev. Thomas  25 May 1636Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I969
4 Greenaway, John  18 May 1631Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I973
5 Hayden, John  1634Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I343
6 Hayden, William  1634Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19624
7 Wales, Nathaniel  2 Nov 1637Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I971
8 Wood, Nicholas  2 Jun 1641Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I666


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Joanna  say 1636 to deathDorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1103
2 Hill, Jonathan  20 Apr 1669Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14531
3 Holbrook, John  Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19631
4 Meade, Gabriel  say 1636 to deathDorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1102
5 Meade, Lydia  say 1636 to deathDorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16110
6 Rockwood, Nicholas  say 1635Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I501


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inventory    Person ID 
1 Clap, Jane  20 Oct 1668Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20253
2 Clap, John  24 Jul 1655Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20247
3 Clap, Deacon Nicholas  25 Dec 1679Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I144
4 Hill, John  9 Jun 1664Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I596
5 Lane, William  5 Jul 1654Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I781
6 Pond, Robert  27 Dec 1637Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1896


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land/House    Person ID 
1 Hill, John  6 Jan 1633/34Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I596
2 Hill, John  18 Feb 1636Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I596
3 Rockwood, Richard  2 Dec 1633Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I500
4 Wales, Nathaniel  1637Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I971
5 Wood, Nicholas  1641Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I666
6 Wood, Nicholas  8 May 1652Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I666


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 Greenaway, John  1641Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I973


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Robinson, William  1643Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24720


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 Wolcott, Henry  1636Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16562

Moved To

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved To    Person ID 
1 Trowbridge, Deacon James  Abt 1657Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I587

Moved to

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved to    Person ID 
1 Hill, Samuel  1703Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14541
2 Lewis, John  1676Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16363


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Atherton, Rev. Hope  1669Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19679
2 Trowbridge, Thomas  Abt 1635Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I586
3 Wales, Nathaniel  1636Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I971

Offices Held

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Offices Held    Person ID 
1 Dimmick, Rev. Thomas  1635Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I969
2 Greenaway, John  8 Oct 1633Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I973
3 Greenaway, John  2 Jan 1637/38Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I973


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Ordained    Person ID 
1 Clap, Deacon Jonathan  1 Mar 1718/19Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20259

Other Will

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other Will    Person ID 
1 Mead, Israel  15 Jan 1654Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate/Proved    Person ID 
1 Hill, John  30 Jun 1664Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I596
2 Lane, William  6 Jul 1654Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I781
3 Meade, Gabriel  17 Jul 1667Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1102


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Proprietor    Person ID 
1 Hayden, John  1632Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I343
2 Lane, William  1637Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I781
3 Rockwood, Richard  Jan 1636Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I500
4 Wood, Nicholas  1638Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I666


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Agnes  1637Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1327
2 Mary  1636Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I41
3 Clap, Ensign Ebenezer  3 May 1665Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20256
4 Clap, Deacon John  30 Apr 1693Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I148
5 Greenaway, John  1636Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I973
6 Hill, Frances  28 Jun 1674Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14538
7 Hill, Hannah  9 Mar 1661/62Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14542
8 Hill, Rebecca  12 Feb 1664/65Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14539
9 Layland, Henry  22 May 1653Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I412
10 Robinson, William  1638Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24720


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Mary  Abt 1630Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I41
2 Greenaway, John  About 1630Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I973
3 Hayden, Samuel  1666Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19626
4 Hill, Ebenezer  1675Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14545
5 Lewis, John  1687Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16363
6 Robinson, William  1636Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24720
7 Rockwood, Richard  1636Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I500
8 Wales, Nathaniel  1641Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I971


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Clap, Jane  28 Feb 1666/67Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20253
2 Clap, John  11 Jul 1655Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20247
3 Hill, John  11 Apr 1660Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I596
4 Lane, Elizabeth  28 Feb 1650/51Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20920
5 Lane, Mary  28 Feb 1650/51Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20922
6 Lane, William  28 Feb 1650/51Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I781
7 Meade, Gabriel  15 Jan 1654Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1102
8 Wales, John  20 Jun 1661Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19656
9 Wales, Nathaniel  20 Jun 1661Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I616
10 Wales, Sara  20 Jun 1661Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19653


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Cheney / Thayer  20 May 1726Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F166
2 Crafts / Adams  15 Jul 1673Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F8890
3 Trowbridge / Atherton  3 Dec 1659Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F66
4 Underwood / How  29 Apr 1665Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F596