Roy Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, Whelpley, and Woodman
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Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.6791832, Longitude: -70.84115580000002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bolles, Sarah  say 1685Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1608
2 Colby, baby boy  Abt 1637Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18437
3 Colby, Samuel  Abt 1638Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18438
4 French, Ephraim  1643Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20688
5 French, John  1642Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20686
6 French, Thomas  1636Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20685
7 Jordan, Deborah  4 Dec 1645Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18719
8 Jordan, Hannah  14 Mar 1638Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18722
9 Jordan, Lydia  14 Feb 1643Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18724
10 Jordan, Mary  7 Apr 1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18723
11 Jordan, Mary  16 May 1641Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I871
12 Jordan, Sarah  8 Nov 1636Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18721
13 Kimball, Abigail  Abt 1652Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18709
14 Kimball, Cornet Benajmin  1637Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18687
15 Kimball, Caleb  1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18688
16 Kimball, Caleb  Abt 1647Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18707
17 Kimball, Dorcus  Abt 1649Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18708
18 Kimball, Sarah  Abt 1654Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18710
19 Prichard, Elizabeth  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20789
20 Prichard, Esther  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20788
21 Prichard, Hannah  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20787
22 Prichard, Mary  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20786
23 Prichard, Samuel  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20785
24 Prichard, Sarah  22 Jan 1662Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20791
25 Prichard, William  Abt 1656Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20790
26 Pritchard, Joseph  1 Mar 1658Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1312
27 Rowell, Jacob  May 1656Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18502
28 Sherwin, Abigail  May 1695Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16257
29 Sherwin, Alice  2 Feb 1693/94Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16256
30 Sherwin, Ebenezer  Abt 1675Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16227
31 Sherwin, Eleanor  28 Jun 1696Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16258
32 Sherwin, Elizabeth  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16225
33 Sherwin, Frances  27 Jan 1681Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16229
34 Sherwin, Hannah  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16226
35 Sherwin, Jacob  17 Oct 1699Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I2145
36 Sherwin, John  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16255
37 Sherwin, Mary  Aug 1679Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16228
38 Sherwin, Robert  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16224
39 Sherwin, Sarah  7 Oct 1683Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16230
40 Sherwin, William  27 Jul 1698Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16259
41 Smith, Mary  28 Oct 1658Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I530
42 Treadwell, Thomas  3 Mar 1665/66Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I24415
43 Webster, Abigail  1641 to 1642Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18186
44 Webster, Elizabeth  1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18185
45 Webster, Hannah  25 Dec 1635Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18183
46 Webster, Nathan  1646Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18188
47 Webster, Steven  1637Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18184
48 Webster, Thomas  1652Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18189
49 Wells, Abigail  Abt 1642Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18215
50 Wells, Elizabeth  Abt 1645Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18216
51 Wells, Hannah  About 1649Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18218
52 Wells, Lydia  Abt 1651Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18219
53 Wells, Nathaniel  Abt 1636Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18213
54 Wells, Rev. Thomas  11 Jan 1646/47Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18217


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Johan  17 Apr 1673Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I22851
2 Judith  17 Apr 1648Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1908
3 Sarah  14 Jun 1658Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I640
4 Call, Phillip  1662Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I8760
5 Chandler, Mary  18 Jan 1745Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I2146
6 French, Samuel  1688Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20687
7 French, Thomas  1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1280
8 French, Ensign Thomas  8 Aug 1680Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1278
9 Haffield, Richard  Abt 1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1261
10 Jordan, Francis  Apr 1672 to 1673Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I872
11 Jordan, Mary  Abt Aug 1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18723
12 Kimball, Caleb  1682Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18688
13 Kimball, John  6 May 1698Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18684
14 Kimball, Richard  22 Jun 1675Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I877
15 Perkins, Sargent Jacob  27 Jan 1699/1700Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18539
16 Perkins, John  23 Sep 1654Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1269
17 Perkins, John  14 Oct 1686Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18536
18 Perkins, Lydia  Abt 1672Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18540
19 Riddlesdale, Susan  Aug 1658Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1281
20 Roper, Walter  15 Jul 1680Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20440
21 Rowell, Jacob  18 Feb 1699/1700Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18502
22 Sawyer, Frances  Oct 1744Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18172
23 Sawyer, Francis  31 Aug 1756Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I14109
24 Scott, Ursula  Before 23 Oct 1661Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I878
25 Scudamore, Mary  6 May 1681Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1279
26 Shatswell, John  1642Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1342
27 Sherwin, Eleanor  11 Aug 1757Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16258
28 Sherwin, John  13 Jan 1706Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16255
29 Sherwin, John  15 Oct 1726Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I2147
30 Sherwin, William  14 Feb 1741Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16259
31 Smith, Mary  12 Jan 1709Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I8761
32 Smith, Thomas  25 Feb 1725/26Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20662
33 Treadwell, Thomas  17 Feb 1743/44Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I24415
34 Warner, Abigail  22 Jul 1671Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I624
35 Warner, Daniel  9 Sep 1688Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18212
36 Warner, Sarah  1663Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18209
37 Warner, William  Before 1648Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I623
38 Webster, Hannah  3 Feb 17070/8Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18183
39 Webster, John  4 Nov 1646Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I950
40 Webster, John  1714Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18182
41 Webster, Steven  10 Aug 1694Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18184
42 Wells, Abigail  16 Jun 1677Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18215
43 Wells, Nathaniel  15 Dec 1681Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18213
44 Wells, Deacon Thomas  26 Oct 1666Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I625
45 Whipple, John  30 Jun 1669Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I639
46 Whipple, Sarah  23 Jul 1681Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I19429
47 Whitridge, William  9 Dec 1668Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18435
48 Wood, Obadiah  3 Dec 1694Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I19134


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Perkins, Abraham  1683Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4970


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 Black, Elizabeth  24 Sep 1658Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18692
2 Eaton, Ruth  9 Dec 1656Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18778
3 French, Mary  1644Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20683
4 French, Thomas  28 Feb 1660Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20685
5 Jordan, Deborah  8 Sep 1663Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18719
6 Kimball, Caleb  7 Nov 1660Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18688
7 Kimball, Sarah  24 Nov 1658Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18686
8 Pindar, Mary  21 Mar 1643Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18508
9 Rowell, Jacob  29 Apr 1690Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18502
10 Rowell, Jacob  21 Sep 1691Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18502
11 Sawyer, Francis  6 Oct 1705Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I14109
12 Sawyer, Francis  15 Jan 1725Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I14109
13 Sawyer, Francis  6 Jan 1749Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I14109
14 Sawyer, Francis  26 Oct 1751Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I14109
15 Warner, Daniel  1 Jul 1660Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18212
16 Warner, John  10 Mar 1655Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18211
17 Webster, Elizabeth  Abt 1668Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18185
18 Webster, Nathan  30 Jun 1673Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18188
19 Wells, Abigail  19 Jun 1661Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18215
20 Wells, Elizabeth  9 Jun 1669Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18216
21 Wells, Nathaniel  9 May 1661Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18213
22 Wells, Rev. Thomas  10 Jun 1669Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18217
23 Whipple, Sarah  31 Jul 1661Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I19429
24 Woodward, Thomas  30 May 1688 to 1689Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16133


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Adams, Robert  1635Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1585
2 Jordan, Stephen  Mar 1634/35Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18371
3 Wilmont, Eleanor  1635Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1586

Estate Admin

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Estate Admin    Person ID 
1 Riddlesdale, Susan  5 Nov 1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1281


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID 
1 Carter, Thomas  2 May 1638Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I125
2 Massey, Robert  3 Sep 1634Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18781
3 Perkins, John  17 May 1637Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18536
4 Prichard, Sargent William  27 Mar 1649Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1313
5 Symonds, Samuel Esq.  1637/38Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I555
6 Webster, John  4 Mar 1634/35Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I950
7 Whipple, John  13 May 1640Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I639


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Johan  say 1635 to 1673Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I22851
2 Flanders, Naomi  29 Apr 1684Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18424
3 French, Thomas  1637 to deathIpswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1280
4 Jordan, Francis  19 Dec 1648Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I872
5 Kimball, Richard  19 Dec 1648Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I877
6 Kimball, Richard  19 Dec 1648Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I877
7 Kimball, Richard  19 Dec 1648Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18681
8 Kimball, Richard  Jan 1649/50Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I877
9 Perkins, John  19 Dec 1648Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18536
10 Pindar, Henry  1652Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1256
11 Rowell, Thomas  25 Jun 1652Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1255
12 Shatswell, John  say 1635 to 1947Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I22847
13 Shatswell, Theophilus  say 1635 to say 1645Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I22850
14 Sherwin, John  13 Jan 1667Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I2147
15 Smith, Robert  19 Dec 1648Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I529
16 Waite, Captain John  19 Dec 1648Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I704
17 Warner, Daniel  19 Dec 1648Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18212


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inventory    Person ID 
1 Cole, Margaret  1 Mar 1675/76Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18689
2 French, Ensign Thomas  25 Aug 1680Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1278
3 Kimball, Caleb  23 Sep 1682Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18688
4 Kimball, Richard  12 Jul 1675Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I877
5 Riddlesdale, Susan  10 Mar 1658/59Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1281
6 Sherwin, John  29 May 1727Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I2147
7 Swett, Capt. Benjamin  Abt Oct 1677Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1348
8 Wells, Nathaniel  18 Mar 1682Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18213


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land/House    Person ID 
1 Challis, Lt. Philip Watson  1637Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I717
2 Kimball, Richard  23 Feb 1637/38Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I877
3 Merrill, John  1636Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1267
4 Roper, Walter  3 Sep 1652Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20440
5 Roper, Walter  18 Feb 1678Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20440
6 Sherman, Samuel  Jun 1636Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I11743
7 Warner, William  1637Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I623
8 Wells, Deacon Thomas  1635Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I625
9 Wood, Obadiah  4 Dec 1671Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I19134


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Legal    Person ID 
1 Prichard, John  30 Mar 1669Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20784
2 Roper, Walter  1649Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20440
3 Roper, Walter  1661Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20440


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 Stevens, Mary  1695Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I19497


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Roper, Walter  1677Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20440
2 Roper, Walter  Mar 1680Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20440


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 Roper, Walter  1653Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20440
2 Roper, Walter  2 Dec 1679Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20440

Moved To

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved To    Person ID 
1 Kimball, Sgt. John  1661Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I870
2 Roper, Walter  by 1647Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20440
3 Sawyer, Francis  Abt 1723Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I14109

Moved to

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved to    Person ID 
1 Colby, Anthony  About 1637Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I155
2 Fowler, Margary  1652Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18501
3 Gater, Judith  1633Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1270
4 Kimball, Henry  Abt 1646Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I874
5 Perkins, Abraham  1633Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I4970
6 Perkins, Elizabeth  1633Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I720
7 Perkins, Sargent Jacob  1633Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18539
8 Perkins, John  1633Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1269
9 Perkins, John  1633Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18536
10 Perkins, Lydia  1633Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18540
11 Perkins, Mary  1633Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18537
12 Perkins, Deacon Thomas  1633Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18538
13 Riddlesdale, Mary  Abt 1646Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I875
14 Rowell, Thomas  1652Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1255

Offices Held

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Offices Held    Person ID 
1 Kimball, Richard  01 Mar 1645/46Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I877
2 Kimball, Richard  1653Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I877
3 Perkins, John  1636Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1269
4 Whipple, John  1640Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I639
5 Whipple, John  1642Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I639


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate/Proved    Person ID 
1 Currier, Deacon Thomas  3 Nov 1712Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I244
2 Currier, Thomas  8 Feb 1749Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I14413
3 Kimball, John  4 Jul 1698Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18684
4 Merrill, John  30 Sep 1673Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1267
5 Smith, Thomas  28 Feb 1725/26Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20662
6 Woodman, Joshua  12 Jul 1703Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18123


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Proprietor    Person ID 
1 Jordan, Francis  1635Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I872
2 Kimball, Richard  1648Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18681
3 Rowlandson, Thomas  1637Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1247
4 Scott, Thomas  1635Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18691
5 Warner, William  1635Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I623
6 Warner, William  1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I623
7 Webster, John  1634Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I950
8 Whitridge, William  1636Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Carter, Thomas  2 May 1638Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I125
2 Kimball, John  8 Mar 1673Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18684
3 Loomis, Frances  12 Apr 1674Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I16223
4 Sherwin, John  12 Apr 1674Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I2147


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Jordan, Francis  1634Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I872
2 Jordan, Stephen  1645Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18371
3 Pindar, Henry  1642Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1256
4 Prichard, Sargent William  10 Jul 1644Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1313
5 Rowell, Jacob  1690Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18502
6 Rowlandson, Thomas  1648Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18787
7 Sargent, William  1633Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I719
8 Sherwin, John  1666Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I2147
9 Warner, Daniel  1639Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18212
10 Warner, Daniel  1641Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18212
11 Whitridge, William  1637Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax    Person ID 
1 Whitridge, William  19 Dec 1648Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 French, John  3 Aug 1680Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20686
2 French, Mary  3 Aug 1680Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I617
3 French, Ensign Thomas  3 Aug 1680Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1278
4 French, Thomas  3 Aug 1680Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20685
5 Kimball, John  18 Mar 1697/98Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18684
6 Kimball, Richard  5 Mar 1674/75Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I877
7 Perkins, John  28 Mar 1654Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1269
8 Roper, Walter  15 Jul 1680Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20440
9 Scott, Thomas  8 Mar 1654Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I18691
10 Scudamore, Mary  3 Aug 1680Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I1279
11 Smith, Thomas  22 Nov 1725Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I20662
12 Wells, Deacon Thomas  3 Jul 1666Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I625
13 Wilson, Jane  8 Dec 1693Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts I873


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Chandler / Dane  24 Aug 1658Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F1690
2 Kimball / Jordan  8 Oct 1665Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F820
3 Sherwin / Chandler  30 Sep 1691Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F1689
4 Sherwin / Loomis  25 Nov 1667Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F1691
5 Waite / Hills  Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts F675