Roy Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, Whelpley, and Woodman
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Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.3600825, Longitude: -71.05888010000001


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Copp, Jonathan  23 Aug 1640Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18485
2 Copp, Lydia  6 Jul 1646Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18488
3 Copp, Rebecca  6 May 1641Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18486
4 Copp, Ruth  24 Nov 1643Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18487
5 French, Mary  22 Mar 1634Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I617
6 Goddard, Ebenezer  17 Jan 1713/14Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I15028
7 Harvey, John  3 Feb 1654Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18479
8 Harvey, Captain Thomas  16 Aug 1652Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18478
9 Harvey, William  27 Aug 1651Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18477
10 Hills, Abigail  5 Jan 1663Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20072
11 Kenrick, Elijah  18 Oct 1645Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19298
12 Kenrick, Hannah  9 Feb 1639/40Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19296
13 Kenrick, Hannah  20 Mar 1651Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19300
14 Kenrick, Ensign John  3 Oct 1641Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I396
15 Lawrence, Elizabeth  9 May 1655Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20140
16 Mayhew, James  1752Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I4504
17 Mellen, Simon  25 Sep 1665Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16176
18 Perkins, Lydia  3 Jun 1632Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18540
19 Prince, Samuel  May 1649Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20880
20 Reed, Deborah  25 Feb 1649Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18625
21 Reed, Rebecca  29 Sep 1646Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18624
22 Reed, Samuel  28 Feb 1655Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18629
23 Sanford, Robert  Abt 1626Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1702
24 Sanford, Deacon Thomas  27 Apr 1673Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I23
25 Skelton, Elizabeth  1631Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1703
26 Souther, Hannah  31 Aug 1663Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18630
27 Stevens, Simon  13 Aug 1677Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I541
28 Tuxbury, Elizabeth  22 Aug 1660Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18489
29 Wales, Mary  9 Feb 1658Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19669
30 Walker, Eliakim  3 Jul 1652Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20173
31 Walker, Elishua  14 Feb 1635/36Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20165
32 Walker, Jacob  24 Mar 1644Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20169
33 Walker, John  22 Sep 1639Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20167
34 Walker, John  14 Jul 1656Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20175
35 Walker, Mary  1 Nov 1654Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20174
36 Walker, Mary  9 Aug 1661Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20176
37 Walker, Sarah  15 Nov 1641Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20168
38 Walker, Timothy  1 Sep 1650Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20172
39 Walker, Rev. Zacharias  15 Sep 1637Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20166
40 Wardell, Maribah  14 May 1637Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1590
41 Waterhouse, Richard  1650Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24029
42 Webb, Samuel  5 Oct 1716Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I2324
43 Whelpley, D.R.   I1046
44 Whelpley, Richard William  20 Jan 1932Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1051
45 White, Sarah  2 Mar 1695/96Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I4116
46 Wyatt, Mary  Abt 1714Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24075


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Colby, John  8 Sep 1633Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I157
2 Copp, Lydia  9 Jul 1646Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18488
3 Copp, Naomi  5 Jul 1640Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18484
4 Copp, Ruth  26 Nov 1643Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18487
5 Elkins, Maria  3 Mar 1639Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18882
6 Elkins, Mary  8 Apr 1638Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18881
7 Harvey, Mary  2 Aug 1657Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18480
8 Kenrick, Elizabeth  21 Jan 1644Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19297
9 Kenrick, Maria  10 Sep 1648Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19299
10 Perkins, Lydia  3 Jun 1632Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18540
11 Reed, Deborah  28 Feb 1649Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18625
12 Reed, Rebecca  1 Sep 1646Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18624
13 Reed, Samuel  3 May 1653Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18628
14 Reed, Sarah  1 Sep 1650Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18627
15 Richardson, Phebe  3 Jun 1632Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18917
16 Tuxbury, Mary  18 Jun 1671Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18494
17 Walker, Eliakim  4 Jul 1652Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20173
18 Walker, Elishua  28 Feb 1636Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20165
19 Walker, Jacob  24 Mar 1644Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20169
20 Walker, John  29 Sep 1639Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20167
21 Walker, John  20 Jul 1656Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20175
22 Walker, Joseph  19 Jul 1646Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20170
23 Walker, Mary  22 Apr 1649Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20171
24 Walker, Mary  5 Nov 1654Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20174
25 Walker, Sarah  28 Nov 1641Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20168
26 Walker, Thomas  22 Apr 1649Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I977
27 Walker, Rev. Zacharias  1 Oct 1637Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20166
28 Wormal, Hester  21 May 1648Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18312


Matches 1 to 52 of 52

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  30 Aug 1669Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18148
2 Hannah  24 Jun 1655Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1272
3 Margaret  30 Oct 1661Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24659
4 Sarah  21 Dec 1695Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I989
5 Alden, Captain John  14 Mar 1701/02Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16673
6 Atherton, Major Gen. Humphrey  17 Sep 1661Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I43
7 Atherton, Isabel  18 Dec 1661Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I943
8 Bass, Joseph  Abt 1733Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18607
9 Bitfield, Samuel  10 Sep 1660Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1252
10 Blessing, Alice  9 Feb 1656Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20607
11 Bowen, Elizabeth  2 Mar 1712/13Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19313
12 Buckmaster, Thomas  Dec 1659Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20159
13 Burke, Mary Josephine  09 May 1949Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1134
14 Copp, Elder David  Nov 1713Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18483
15 Copp, Naomi  8 Oct 1653Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18484
16 Copp, William  Mar 1670Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I783
17 Cule, Margaret  2 Jul 1686Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I129
18 Eaton, Thomas  9 Jul 1699Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18791
19 Eddy, Sarah  3 Feb 1709/10Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16100
20 Eliot, Jacob  6 May 1651Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19271
21 Gokey, William Orton  1947Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11303
22 Harding, Anne  10 Oct 1680Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19784
23 Harding, Elizabeth  Aug 1672Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19788
24 Harvey, William  15 Aug 1658Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18476
25 Itchenor, Judith  21 Jul 1634Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I784
26 Jackson, Jonathan  28 Aug 1693Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18976
27 Lane, Joshua  27 Nov 1710Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20931
28 Marrett, John  1719Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20233
29 Morse, John  26 May 1657Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19584
30 Pierce, Persis  7 Mar 1682/83Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20049
31 Prince, Isaac  7 Nov 1718Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20882
32 Reed, Samuel  31 Mar 1654Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18628
33 Seymour, Grace Evelen  18 Mar 1990Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1318
34 Sherman, Samuel  Abt 1644/45Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11743
35 Sherwin, William Fisk  14 Apr 1888Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I12894
36 Souther, John  2 Jan 1697Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1026
37 Squire, Ann  20 Dec 1662Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19123
38 Thayer, Nathaniel  28 Mar 1728Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19202
39 Thurstune, Benjamin  10 Nov 1678Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19894
40 Townsend, Deborah  1700Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24872
41 Travis, Andrew Alphonse  01 Oct 1955Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1133
42 Wales, Nathaniel  4 Dec 1661Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I971
43 Wales, Nathaniel  20 May 1662Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I616
44 Walker, Eliakim  30 Sep 1654Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20173
45 Walker, John  22 Jul 1652Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20167
46 Walker, John  3 Jan 1658Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20175
47 Walker, Robert  29 May 1687Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I988
48 Webb, John  1 Jul 1727Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18587
49 Wells, Nathaniel  1681Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18206
50 Willard, Daniel  23 Aug 1708Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19534
51 Willard, Rev. Samuel  12 Sep 1707Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19509
52 Wilson, Roger  1667Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24920


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Walker, Sarah  19 Dec 1643Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20168


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 Adams, Jeremiah  21 Jul 1727Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19931
2 Alden, Captain John  1 Apr 1660Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16673
3 Bowen, Elizabeth  Before 7 Apr 1669Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19313
4 Buckmaster, Dorcas  7 Mar 1655Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20158
5 Copp, Ann  11 Aug 1646Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18482
6 Eddy, Pilgrim  22 Apr 1656Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16104
7 Eggleton, Richard  19 Jul 1660Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20398
8 French, Dorcus  3 Jan 1636Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20678
9 Harding, Elizabeth  Abt 1644Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19788
10 Harding, Captain Robert  18 May 1631Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19783
11 Harding, Captain Samuel  24 Oct 1722Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19811
12 Hill, Joseph  24 Dec 1782Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14519
13 Hill, Mary  7 Apr 1698Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19706
14 Learned, Sarah  11 Dec 1639Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19970
15 McIntire, Elizabeth  21 Jul 1727Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I15585
16 Meade, Experience  4 Dec 1663Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16112
17 Meade, Lydia  19 Oct 1652Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16110
18 Partridge, Stephen  7 Apr 1737Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19967
19 Pond, Eleony  24 Aug 1726Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19887
20 Pond, Ephraim  1 Nov 1710Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19880
21 Pond, Deacon Jacob  11 May 1726Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19886
22 Smith, Richard  2 Aug 1654Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20823
23 Squire, Ann  Before 1642Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19123
24 Thayer, Sara  20 Jul 1651Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19198
25 Wadsworth, Deacon John  4 Apr 1718Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16653
26 Waite, Mary  say 1632Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20066
27 Webb, Benjamin  21 Nov 1692Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18591
28 Webb, Sarah  7 Mar 1655Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18585
29 Wells, John  18 Feb 1697Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14105
30 White, Thomas  5 Dec 1687Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19723
31 Willard, Daniel  4 Jan 1693Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19534


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Burke, Mary Josephine  1940Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1134
2 Gokey, William Orton  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11303
3 Gokey, William Orton  1930Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11303
4 Gokey, William Orton  1940Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11303
5 Matthews, Esther Agnes  1920Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1684
6 Matthews, Esther Agnes  1930Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1684
7 Matthews, Esther Agnes  1940Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1684
8 Parents, George Noble  1880Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11693
9 Parents, George Noble  1900Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11693
10 Parents, Herbert Harvey  1910Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11690
11 Parents, William Bradford  1870Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11697
12 Seymour, Grace Evelen  1930Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1318
13 Seymour, Grace Evelen  1940Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1318
14 Travis, Andrea Grace  1940Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1052
15 Travis, Andrew Alphonse  1940Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1133
16 Travis, R.   I11229
17 Travis, T.   I11230
18 Whelpley, Edward Horace  1930Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1317
19 Whelpley, Edward Horace  1940Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1317
20 Whelpley, E.   I11223
21 Whelpley, E.   I11223
22 Whelpley, Herman Paul  1930Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11302
23 Whelpley, Howard  1930Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11221
24 Whelpley, Howard  1940Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11221
25 Whelpley, L.   I11222
26 Whelpley, L.   I11222
27 Whelpley, Louise  1930Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11220
28 Whelpley, Louise  1940Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11220
29 Whelpley, Richard William  1940Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1051
30 Whelpley, R.   I11224
31 Whelpley, R.   I11224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Deed    Person ID 
1 Porter, Edward  13 Jun 1674Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19352

Draft Reg

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Reg    Person ID 
1 Travis, Andrew Alphonse  1942Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1133

Estate Administered

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Estate Administered    Person ID 
1 Stebbins, Martin  23 Nov 1659Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I17966
2 Wheaton, Christopher  6 May 1684Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I763


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID 
1 Bitfield, Samuel  2 Jun 1641Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1252
2 Bowen, Lt. Griffith  22 May 1639Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I90
3 Copp, William  2 Jun 1641Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I783
4 Eliot, Rev. John  6 Mar 1632Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19270
5 French, Ensign Thomas  1632Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1278
6 Hanchett, John  17 May 1637Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I317
7 Harding, Captain Robert  18 May 1631Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19783
8 Jackson, Jonathan  1671Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18976
9 Kenrick, John  1640Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I394
10 Perkins, John  18 May 1631Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1269
11 Perry, Isaac  6 Mar 1631/32Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19050
12 Reed, Robert  17 Apr 1644Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1271
13 Sherman, Samuel  13 May 1640Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11743
14 Thayer, Nathaniel  1690Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19202
15 Thurstune, Benjamin  1665Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19894
16 Wells, Deacon Thomas  7 May 1637Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I625
17 Wolcott, Henry  1 Apr 1634Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16562


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Graduation    Person ID 
1 Gladwin, Mary Elizabeth LL.D.  1896Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11826
2 Gladwin, Mary Elizabeth LL.D.  1903Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11826
3 Travis, Andrea Grace  Abt 1947Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1052


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Elkins, Henry  1635 to 1639Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1775
2 Goodell, Betsey Sherman  Abt 1895Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I13028
3 Jackson, Jonathan  1679Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18976
4 Littlejohn, Otis  Abt 1895 toBoston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I22920
5 Willard, Rev. Samuel  31 Mar 1678Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19509


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  4 Jun1637Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I13710
2 Adams, Henry  1632Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16
3 Bowen, Lt. Griffith  Oct 1638Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I90
4 Bowen, Lt. Henry  1638Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I92
5 Bowen, William  1638Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19311
6 Eddy, Abigail  16 Sep 1632Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16093
7 Fleming, Margaret  1638Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I91
8 Greenewood, Thomas  1665Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I311
9 Peck, Rev. Jeremiah  4 Jun1637Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I13707
10 Peck, Deacon William  4 Jun1637Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I13709
11 Ward, Deborah  Abt 1638Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14767
12 Ward, Joanna  Abt 1638Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14764
13 Ward, Deacon John  Abt 1638Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I605
14 Ward, Obidiah  Abt 1638Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14765
15 Ward, Richard  Abt 1638Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14766
16 Ward, Deacon William  Abt 1638Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I604


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inventory    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  20 Sep 1669Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18148
2 Bitfield, Samuel  13 Sep 1660Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1252
3 Blessing, Alice  20 Feb 1655/56Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20607
4 Borden, Elizabeth  24 Oct 1671Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24846
5 Bradish, Robert  28 Sep 1659Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1386
6 Buckmaster, Thomas  15 Dec 1659Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20159
7 Harding, Abraham  6 Apr 1655Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I327
8 Harding, Elizabeth  12 Aug 1672Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19788
9 Martin, Richard  24 Oct 1671Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I23020
10 Morse, John  9 Jun 1657Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19584
11 Sherman, Samuel  Mar 1644/45Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11743
12 Wales, Nathaniel  03 Jan 1661/62Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I971
13 Wales, Nathaniel  27 May 1662Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I616


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land/House    Person ID 
1 Bement, John  11 Apr 1667Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I2172
2 Bitfield, Samuel  24 Feb 1639/40Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1252
3 Dennis, Martha  11 Apr 1667Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I2171
4 Woodward, Richard  26 Dec 1648Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I854


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Legal    Person ID 
1 Vashti  29 Oct 1659Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1388
2 Adams, Eleazer  1753Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19954
3 Bowen, Lt. Griffith  15 May 1640Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I90
4 Greenaway, Susan  1 Feb 1661/62Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts  I972
5 Waite, Captain John  1662Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I704


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 Perry, Isaac  15 Dec 1646Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19050


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Harding, Captain Robert  1637Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19783


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 Sullivan, Captain Thomas Florence  8 May 1900Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11032
2 Whelpley, Edward Horace  1942Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1317

Moved To

Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved To    Person ID 
1 Alden, Captain John  Abt Dec 1659Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16673
2 Crouch, David  4 Mar 1677Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19075
3 Eaton, Thomas  Before 1687Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18791
4 Goddard, Edward Esq  1707Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I285
5 Johnson, Zachariah  1685Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20703
6 Prince, Isaac  After 1700Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20882
7 Stebbins, John  1676Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I5990
8 Swett, Joseph  1655Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16064
9 Wales, Nathaniel  say 1650Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I971
10 Webb, John  Abt 1710Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18587

Moved to

Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved to    Person ID 
1 Cule, Margaret  1682Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I129
2 Eddy, Sarah  Before 1652Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16100
3 Morse, John  1654Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19584
4 Porter, Edward  1655Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19352
5 Stebbins, Martin  1647Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I17966
6 Willard, Daniel  say 1692Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19534


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Buckmaster, Thomas  say 1640Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20159
2 Jackson, Jonathan  say 1650Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18976
3 Lawrence, Zachariah  say 1689Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20142
4 Stebbins, Martin  25 Jul 1659Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I17966
5 Thurstune, Benjamin  say 1670Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19894
6 Wales, Nathaniel  say 1654Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I616
7 Walker, Robert  say 1650Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I988

Offices Held

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Offices Held    Person ID 
1 Bitfield, Samuel  08 Mar 1651/52Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1252
2 Harding, Captain Robert  1634Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19783
3 Walker, Deacon Samuel  1689Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24113

Passenger List

Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Passenger List    Person ID 
1 Kavanaugh, Honora Agnes  14 Sep 1922Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11033
2 Sullivan, Edmund Joseph Sr.  14 Sep 1922Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11028
3 Sullivan, John Kavanagh  14 Sep 1922Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11744
4 Sullivan, Loretta  14 Sep 1922Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11232
5 Sullivan, Thomas F. II  14 Sep 1922Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11233


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate/Proved    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  23 Sep 1669Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18148
2 Bitfield, Samuel  20 Sep 1660Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1252
3 Blessing, Alice  24 Apr 1656Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20607
4 Buckmaster, Thomas  1 Feb 1659/60Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20159
5 Copp, William  15 Mar 1669/70Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I783
6 Davis, William  17 Dec 1685Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I180
7 Harding, Abraham  24 Apr 1655Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I327
8 Harding, Anne  10 Nov 1680Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19784
9 Harding, Elizabeth  5 Nov 1672Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19788
10 Perkins, Deacon Thomas  10 Sep 1686Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18538
11 Porter, Edward  3 Aug 1677Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19352
12 Wales, Nathaniel  3 Dec 1661Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I971
13 Wales, Nathaniel  27 May 1662Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I616
14 Wheaton, Christopher  6 May 1684Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I763


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Proprietor    Person ID 
1 Bowen, Lt. Griffith  From 1644 to 1652Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I90


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Joanna  4 Oct 1645Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I112
2 Mary  1639Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1776
3 Blott, Joanna  7 Sep 1644Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1814
4 Blott, Joanna  8 Jun 1645Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1814
5 Bowen, Lt. Griffith  6 Feb 1638/39Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I90
6 Buckmaster, Thomas  4 Oct 1645Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I111
7 Colby, Anthony  1630Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I155
8 Copp, Martha  16 Apr 1654Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I726
9 Copp, William  4 Jul 1640Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I783
10 Devotion, Edward  22 Mar 1645Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I192
11 Eddy, Joanna  1746Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16121
12 Eddy, Sarah  15 Feb 1651/52Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16100
13 Eliot, Rev. John  1632Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19270
14 Eliot, Rev. John  1632Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19270
15 Fleming, Margaret  6 Feb 1638/39Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I91
16 French, Dorcus  10 Aug 1634Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20678
17 French, Ensign Thomas  1631Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1278
18 Greenaway, Susan  3 Jan 1651Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I972
19 Hanchett, John  13 Jul 1637Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I317
20 Harding, Anne  28 Sep 1639Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19784
21 Harding, Elizabeth  17 Dec 1643Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19788
22 Harding, Captain Robert  27 Aug 1630Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19783
23 Itchenor, Judith  26 May 1649Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I784
24 Jackson, Jonathan  Jul 1670Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18976
25 Meade, Lydia  14 Aug 1661Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16110
26 Morse, Deacon Benjamin  say 1680Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18324
27 Negus, Grace  27 Jul 1634Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19329
28 Sawyer, Ruth  say 1680Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18164
29 Sherman, Samuel  1 Mar 1639/40Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11743
30 Thurstune, Benjamin  1669Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19894
31 Wales, Nathaniel  3 Jan 1651Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I971
32 Walker, Robert  1631/32Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I988


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Gates, Stephen  17 Feb 1667Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20329
2 Gokey, William Orton  1941Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11303
3 Kimball, Joseph  say 1680Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18714
4 Matthews, Esther Agnes  1941Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1684
5 Roper, Rachel  After 1676Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20457
6 Seymour, Grace Evelen  1946Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1318
7 Travis, Andrea Grace  Abt 1950Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1052
8 Trowbridge, Thomas  20 Sep 1639Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I586
9 Whelpley, Edward Horace  1946Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1317
10 Whelpley, Richard William  Abt 1950Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1051
11 Willard, Joseph  1714Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19535


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  13 Jan 1663/64Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18148
2 Vashti  12 May 1657Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1388
3 Alden, Captain John  17 Feb 1702Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16673
4 Bitfield, Samuel  12 May 1659Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1252
5 Blessing, Alice  8 Feb 1656Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20607
6 Bradish, James  12 May 1657Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20214
7 Bradish, John  12 May 1657Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20216
8 Bradish, Joseph  12 May 1657Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1382
9 Bradish, Mary  12 May 1657Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20213
10 Bradish, Robert  12 May 1657Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1386
11 Cheney, John  15 May 1686Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19558
12 Cheney, Joseph  15 May 1686Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19560
13 Cheney, Margaret  15 May 1686Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19555
14 Cheney, William  15 May 1686Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I130
15 Copp, William  31 Oct 1662Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I783
16 Cule, Margaret  15 May 1686Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I129
17 Greenaway, Susan  20 Jun 1661Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts  I972
18 Harding, Anne  17 Sep 1680Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19784
19 Harding, Elizabeth  2 Aug 1672Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19788
20 Lane, Joshua  4 November 1710,Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20931
21 Martin, Richard  9 Jul 1671Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I23020
22 Morse, John  18 Dec 1655Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19584
23 Porter, Edward  28 Jul 1677Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19352
24 Wales, Nathaniel  20 Jun 1661Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I971
25 Wales, Nathaniel  18 May 1662Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I616
26 Wales, Elder Nathaniel  18 May 1662Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I618


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 French / Scudamore  Abt 1631Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F613
2 Gale / Castle  Sep 1640Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F300
3 Harding / Bullard  2 Jul 1722Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F153
4 Kenrick / Sawtell  Abt 1638Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F425
5 Lawrence / Buckmaster  30 Sep 1657Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F139
6 Sherwin / Thompson  17 May 1853Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F1648
7 Souther / Reed  11 Jan 1661Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F939
8 Stebbins / Alexander  4 Jan 1680Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F4548
9 Thayer /   After 5 Jul 1646Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F571
10 Thayer / Townsend  1671Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F8998
11 Thurstune / Grey  9 Dec 1718Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F9008
12 Tuxbury / Copp  10 Nov 1659Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F695
13 Webb / White  30 Apr 1713Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F1810