Roy Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, Whelpley, and Woodman
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Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.3782065, Longitude: -71.0602131


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Crouch, David  16 Jan 1659Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19075
2 Crouch, Elizabeth  5 Sep 1664Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19077
3 Crouch, Hannah  9 Mar 1667Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19079
4 Crouch, Jonathan  21 Feb 1656/57Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19074
5 Crouch, Joseph  13 Aug 1669Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19080
6 Crouch, Mary  22 Dec 1661Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19076
7 Crouch, Richard  9 Mar 1667Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19078
8 Crouch, Sarah  Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I174
9 Crouch, William  16 Nov 1654Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19073
10 Gould, Hannah  26 Oct 1644Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20800
11 Gould, John  21 Jan 1646/47Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20802
12 Gould, John  5 Aug 1648Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20803
13 Grant, baby  1668Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14867
14 Hills, Gershom  27 Jul 1639Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20079
15 Hills, John  Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20081
16 Hills, Mehetabel  01 Jan 1640/41Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20080
17 Johnson, Isaac  1649Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20704
18 Johnson, Nathaniel  Abt 1643Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20702
19 Johnson, Ruhamah  21 Feb 1634/35Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20699
20 Johnson, Zachariah  27 Feb 1686/87Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20703
21 Jones, baby boy  Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14865
22 Jones, Mary  13 May 1672Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14863
23 Jones, Sarah  24 Apr 1670Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14862
24 Jones, Thomas  Abt 1645Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I380
25 Jones, Thomas  3 Jul 1674Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I381
26 Jones, William  4 Oct 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14864
27 Lynde, Hannah  2 May 1642Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20950
28 Lynde, Lt. Col. Joseph  3 Jun 1636Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20948
29 Lynde, Samuel  14 Oct 1644Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20951
30 Lynde, Sarah  16 Apr 1639Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20949
31 Lynde, Thomas  25 Mar 1647Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20953
32 Mellen, James  3 Jun 1642Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16174
33 Pierce, Abigail  16 Apr 1670Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20964
34 Pierce, Hannah  28 Dec 1671Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20965
35 Pierce, Jonathan  16 Jan 1670Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20960
36 Pierce, Persis  30 Jan 1668/69Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20963
37 Stanford, David  1681Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14856
38 Stanford, Elizabeth  1687Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14859
39 Stanford, Rebecca  1686Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14858
40 Stanford, Richard  1683Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14857
41 Waite, Rebecca  22 Nov 1662Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I701
42 Wilder, Ebenezer  Abt 1652Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19545
43 Wilder, Elizabeth  1648Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19544
44 Wilder, James  1681Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20796
45 Wilder, Lt. John  1646Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I660
46 Wilder, Mary  30 Jun 1642Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19542
47 Wilder, Lt. Nathaniel  3 Nov 1655Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I652
48 Wilder, Captain Thomas  4 Sep 1644Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19543


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Crouch, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1664Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19077
2 Crouch, Hannah  17 Mar 1667Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19079
3 Crouch, Richard  17 Mar 1667Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19078
4 George, Hannah  15 Apr 1677Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16211
5 George, John  5 Aug 1677Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16208
6 George, Mary  15 Apr 1677Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16212
7 Gould, Abigail  26 Feb 1641/42Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20807
8 Gould, Elizabeth  17 Feb 1639/40Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20806
9 Gould, Mary  29 Jan 1637Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20805
10 Gould, Sarah  15 Dec 1637Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I71
11 Hills, Gershom  17 Feb 1640Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20079
12 Johnson, Elizabeth  17 Mar 1639/40Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20700
13 Johnson, Jonathan  14 Aug 1641Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20701
14 Johnson, Joseph  12 Feb 1636/37Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I371
15 Jones, Thomas  11 Oct 1674Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I381
16 Jones, William  7 Oct 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14864
17 Lynde, Hannah  8 May 1642Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20950
18 Lynde, Lt. Col. Joseph  5 Jun 1636Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20948
19 Lynde, Sarah  14 Apr 1639Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20949
20 Mellen, James  3 Jul 1642Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16174
21 Pierce, Abigail  17 Jun 1639Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20051
22 Pierce, Abigail  29 May 1670Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20964
23 Pierce, Benjamin  15 Aug 1675Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20966
24 Pierce, Hannah  31 Dec 1671Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20965
25 Pierce, Persis  16 Jan 1670Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20963
26 Richardson, James  11 Jul 1641Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18924
27 Richardson, John  21 Jul 1638Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18922
28 Richardson, Jonathan  15 Feb 1639/40Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18923
29 Richardson, Josiah  7 Nov 1635Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18920
30 Richardson, Ruth  23 Aug 1643Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18925
31 Richardson, Theophilus  22 Dec 1633Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18918
32 Robbins, John  31 May 1640Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18979
33 Stanford, David  19 Aug 1688Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14856
34 Stanford, Elizabeth  19 Aug 1688Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14859
35 Stanford, Joseph  8 Jun 1690Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14860
36 Stanford, Martha  26 Feb 1692/93Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14861
37 Stanford, Rebecca  19 Aug 1688Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14858
38 Stanford, Richard  19 Aug 1688Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14857
39 Wilder, Ebenezer  13 Apr 1684Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20797
40 Wilder, Hannah  31 Oct 1680Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20795
41 Wilder, John  30 Apr 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I661
42 Wilder, Mary  3 Jul 1642Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19542
43 Wilder, Thomas  30 Apr 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20794
44 Wood, Tabitha  30 May 1641Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19137


Matches 1 to 69 of 69

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Joane  27 Aug 1697Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20799
2 Judith  10 Oct 1646Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I23702
3 Margaret  23 Aug 1662Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I946
4 Mary  28 Sep 1642Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1289
5 Mary  23 Mar 1694Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I23964
6 Mary  17 Jan 1705/06Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I796
7 Rebecca  8 Dec 1688Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20944
8 Susanna  5 Jan 1690/91Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20143
9 Batchelor, Susanna  8 Jul 1668Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20128
10 Bradford, Susanna  15 Sep 1681Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1787
11 Bunker, Elizabeth  6 Oct 1684Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I370
12 Carter, Thomas  30 Dec 1694Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20705
13 Collins, Abigail  1 Feb 1673/74Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20503
14 Collins, Deacon Edward  9 Apr 1689Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I167
15 Cooper, Lydia  24 Aug 1725Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16161
16 Crouch, Joseph  22 Aug 1669Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19080
17 Crouch, Mary  23 Jul 1667Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19076
18 Crouch, Mercy  Jul 1678Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19072
19 Crouch, Sarah  11 Dec 1707Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I174
20 Crouch, William  Before 11 Mar 1677/78Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I172
21 Dewey, Margaret  23 Jun 1649Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I777
22 Eddy, Abigail  20 Mar 1686/87Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16093
23 Eddy, Mary  13 Sep 1693Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16102
24 George, Hannah  11 Dec 1733Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16211
25 George, John  13 Jan 1691/92Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16208
26 Gleason, Thomas  About 1684Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1128
27 Goddard, Benjamin  24 Oct 1748Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19418
28 Gould, Daniel  25 Mar 1697Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20801
29 Gould, John  8 Mar 1647Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20802
30 Gould, John  21 Mar 1690/91Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1288
31 Johnson, Elizabeth  14 Dec 1715Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20700
32 Johnson, Isaac  31 Aug 1711Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20704
33 Johnson, William  9 Dec 1677Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I369
34 Johnson, Zachariah  After 12 Jun 1717Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20703
35 Jones, Thomas  28 Nov 1679Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I380
36 Jones, William  8 Mar 1677/78Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I379
37 Lamson, Sarah  25 Sep 1717Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I173
38 Lawrence, Abigail  11 Feb 1727Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20129
39 Lawrence, Mary  10 Feb 1686/87Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20135
40 Lea, Ruth  29 Aug 1642Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1946
41 Lynde, Lt. Col. Joseph  29 Jan 1726/27Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20948
42 Lynde, Mary  19 Nov 1716Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20968
43 Lynde, Samuel  Before 19 Feb 1682Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20951
44 Lynde, Deacon Thomas  30 Dec 1671Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I794
45 Lynde, Thomas  Abt 1681Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20953
46 Perkins, Luke  20 Mar 1709Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18820
47 Pierce, Elizabeth  21 Apr 1692Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20050
48 Pierce, John  28 Sep 1716Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20961
49 Pierce, Jonathan  4 Jul 1722Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20960
50 Pierce, Mary  10 Jan 1702/03Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I703
51 Pierce, Persis  25 Jun 1748Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20963
52 Pierce, Samuel  Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I795
53 Pierce, Samuel  1691Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20956
54 Pierce, Thomas  4 Aug 1693Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20957
55 Richardson, Ruth  7 Sep 1643Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18925
56 Roper, Alice  1 Feb 1697/98Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20455
57 Roper, Hannah  27 Mar 1691Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20458
58 Stanford, Thomas  28 Jul 1695Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14855
59 Swett, John  18 May 1693Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16062
60 Treadway, Josiah  15 Jan 1732Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19469
61 Tufts, Henry  1665Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20053
62 Tufts, Lydia  26 Jul 1683Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20063
63 Tufts, Mary  1707Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20056
64 Wells, Margaret  1660Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I23700
65 Willard, Sarah  22 Jan 1677/78Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19510
66 Willard, Major Simon  24 Apr 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I665
67 Wood, Edward  27 Nov 1642Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I901
68 Wood, Josiah  24 Sep 1691Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19135
69 Wood, Tabitha  29 Aug 1642Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19137


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Isaac  Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20704


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 Susanna  15 Aug 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20143
2 Adams, Hannah  17 Feb 1709Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20588
3 Bates, Susannah  16 Dec 1658Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18603
4 Blodgett, Mary  24 Oct 1693Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20407
5 Bullard, George  2 May 1672Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19094
6 Crouch, Jonathan  16 Dec 1684Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19074
7 Crouch, Mercy  11 May 1672Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19072
8 Crouch, William  20 Jun 1675Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19073
9 Gates, Jonathan  27 Nov 1712Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20349
10 George, Hannah  25 Nov 1673Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16211
11 George, John  25 Mar 1679Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16208
12 George, John  11 Sep 1688Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16208
13 George, Mary  11 Jul 1678Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16212
14 George, Ruth  4 Dec 1668Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16210
15 George, Ruth  1688Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16210
16 Goddard, Benjamin  1738Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19418
17 Gould, Abigail  1 Apr 1669Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20807
18 Gould, Abigail  7 Feb 1688Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20807
19 Johnson, Elizabeth  5 Jan 1659Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20700
20 Johnson, Isaac  22 Nov 1671Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20704
21 Johnson, Lt. John  15 Oct 1656Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20698
22 Johnson, Nathaniel  24 Nov 1668Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20702
23 Johnson, Ruhamah  25 Apr 1654Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20699
24 Lawrence, Abigail  1 Sep 1684Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20129
25 Lawrence, Abigail  25 Dec 1689Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20129
26 Lawrence, Mary  25 Aug 1663Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20135
27 Lynde, Hannah  1663Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20950
28 Lynde, Lt. Col. Joseph  24 Mar 1665Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20948
29 Lynde, Lt. Col. Joseph  12 Mar 1706Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20948
30 Lynde, Samuel  3 Jun 1673Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20951
31 Lynde, Sarah  14 Feb 1657Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20949
32 Mellen, Sarah  7 Mar 1662Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16175
33 Pierce, Elizabeth  3 Jan 1690Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20962
34 Pierce, Elizabeth  18 Jul 1699Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20962
35 Pierce, Hannah  29 Jan 1696Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20965
36 Pierce, John  4 Feb 1692Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20961
37 Pierce, Jonathan  4 Dec 1683Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20960
38 Pierce, Persis  1652Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20049
39 Pierce, Persis  26 Mar 1690Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20963
40 Richardson, James  28 Nov 1660Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18924
41 Roper, Hannah  25 Jun 1667Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20458
42 Stevens, Mary  21 Jul 1663Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19497
43 Stevens, Lt. Thomas  Before 21 Apr 1658Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19495
44 Swett, John  Abt 1658Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16062
45 Treadway, Josiah  9 Jan 1674Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19469
46 Treadway, Josiah  3 Feb 1698Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19469
47 Tufts, Hannah  14 May 1729Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I15272
48 Tufts, Mary  15 Oct 1674Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20056
49 Tufts, Captain Peter  11 Jun 1717Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20052
50 Ward, Elizabeth  18 Apr 1677Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14758
51 Wheeler, Abigail Blodgett  6 Dec 1836Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I15410
52 Willard, Sarah  2 Jul 1666Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19510
53 Wood, Josiah  28 Oct 1657Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19135
54 Woodward, John  1656Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16122


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Barstow, Michael  1635Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20335
2 Hobart, Edmund  1633Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I776
3 Hobart, Rev. Peter  8 Jun 1635Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20896

Baptism as an Adult

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism as an Adult    Person ID 
1 Susanna  24 Apr 1681Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20143
2 Lawrence, Mary  24 Apr 1681Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20135
3 Pierce, Samuel  16 Jan 1670Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20956


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID 
1 Barstow, Michael  3 Mar 1635/36Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20335
2 Johnson, William  4 Mar 1634/35Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I369
3 Pierce, Sgt. Thomas  1635Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20048
4 Wilder, Thomas  2 Jun 1641Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I659


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Crouch, Sarah  birth to deathCharlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I174
2 Stanford, Elizabeth  5 Aug 1695Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I14859
3 Wells, Margaret  say 1645 to deathCharlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I23700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inventory    Person ID 
1 Johnson, William  12 Apr 1686Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I369
2 Pierce, Samuel  30 Mar 1691Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20956
3 Streeter, Stephen  24 Jul 1652Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24718


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land/House    Person ID 
1 Johnson, William  1636Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I369


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Legal    Person ID 
1 Johnson, William  29 Dec 1657Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I369
2 Jones, Thomas  1670Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I380


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 Houghton, John  12 Oct 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I351
2 Houghton, John  1677Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I351

Moved To

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved To    Person ID 
1 Houghton, John  1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I351

Moved to

Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved to    Person ID 
1 Beatrix  15 Apr 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I352
2 Eddy, Abigail  1654Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16093
3 Goddard, Benjamin  About 1712Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19418
4 Houghton, Benjamin  15 Apr 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16378
5 Houghton, John Jr. Esq  15 Apr 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I662
6 Houghton, Jonas  15 Apr 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I353
7 Houghton, Mary  15 Apr 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16376
8 Houghton, Robet  15 Apr 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16375
9 Houghton, Sarah  15 Apr 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16379

Natural Issue

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Natural Issue    Person ID 
1 Tufts, James  say 1671Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20054


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 George, John  1650/51Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I2445
2 Johnson, William  1650/51Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I369
3 Jones, William  1658Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I379
4 Swett, John  1649Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16062

Offices Held

Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Offices Held    Person ID 
1 Adams, Capt. Samuel  1653Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11201
2 Crouch, William  1659Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I172
3 Johnson, William  1657Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I369
4 Swett, John  1650Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16062

Other Will

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Other Will    Person ID 
1 Jones, Thomas  4 Mar 1678Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I380


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Petition    Person ID 
1 Houghton, John  11 Mar 1675/76Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I351
2 Johnson, William  10 Feb 1634Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I369


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate/Proved    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Isaac  13 Sep 1711Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20704
2 Jones, William  28 Mar 1678Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I379


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Proprietor    Person ID 
1 Hayward, William  1637Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I347


Matches 1 to 52 of 52

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Anna  7 May 1650Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11152
2 Anna  3 Apr 1681Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24241
3 Elizabeth  10 Jan 1634/35Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I798
4 Mary  8 Jan 1636/37Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1289
5 Mary  27 Mar 1670Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I796
6 Rebecca  24 May 1640Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I498
7 Rebecca  12 Feb 1681/82Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20944
8 Barstow, Michael  5 Dec 1635Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20335
9 Bradish, Mary  23 Jul 1652Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20213
10 Bunker, Elizabeth  13 Feb 1634/35Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I370
11 Collins, Abigail  13 Oct 1667Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20503
12 Crouch, William  29 Aug 1658Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I172
13 Crouch, William  21 Jun 1674Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I172
14 Dunster, Rose  02 Feb 1639/40Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I709
15 Eddy, Mary  12 Apr 1650Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16102
16 George, Hannah  30 Jan 1680/81Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16211
17 George, Mary  6 Mar 1680/81Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16212
18 George, Ruth  3 Apr 1670Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16210
19 Gould, John  25 Mar 1638Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1288
20 Gould, Thomas  21 Mar 1652Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20804
21 Hills, Joseph  02 Feb 1639/40Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I708
22 Johnson, Elizabeth  21 Mar 1668/69Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20700
23 Johnson, Isaac  17 Dec 1676Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20704
24 Johnson, Ruhamah  29 Apr 1660Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20699
25 Johnson, William  13 Feb 1634/35Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I369
26 Johnson, Zachariah  12 Mar 1675/76Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20703
27 Lawrence, Mary  24 Apr 1681Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20135
28 Lea, Ruth  24 May 1640Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1946
29 Lynde, Hannah  11 Jun 1671Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20950
30 Lynde, Lt. Col. Joseph  12 Mar 1670/71Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20948
31 Lynde, Ensign Thomas  1643Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I792
32 Phillips, Benjamin  3 Apr 1681Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24237
33 Pierce, Abigail  8 Oct 1699Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20964
34 Pierce, Hannah  8 Oct 1699Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20965
35 Pierce, John  22 Aug 1652Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20047
36 Pierce, Jonathan  18 Sep 1715Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20960
37 Pierce, Persis  30 Nov 1643Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20049
38 Pierce, Persis  6 Nov 1691Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20963
39 Pierce, Persis  6 Nov 1697Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20963
40 Pierce, Samuel  5 Dec 1669Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I795
41 Pierce, Thomas  21 Feb 1634/35Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I797
42 Pierce, Sgt. Thomas  21 Feb 1634/35Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20048
43 Robbins, Richard  24 May 1640Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I497
44 Sherwin, Hannah  Feb 1718/19Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16226
45 Smith, Hannah  5 Dec 1635Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20068
46 Swett, John  19 Dec 1680Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16062
47 Thompson, James  31 Oct 1633Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20393
48 Tidd, John  10 Mar 1639Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I576
49 Tufts, Mary  15 Aug 1680Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20056
50 Waite, Captain John  15 Jan 1646/47Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I704
51 Wilder, Thomas  30 Mar 1640Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I659
52 Wood, Elizabeth  15 May 1642Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19133


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Adams, Capt. Samuel  1649Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I11201
2 Bullard, William  1658Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19090
3 George, John  29 Jul 1650Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I2445
4 Gould, John  1635Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1288
5 Hills, Joseph  1638Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I708
6 Johnson, William  Jan 1635/36Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I369
7 Learned, William  1630Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I1429
8 Perkins, Luke  say 1665Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18820
9 Perkins, Mary  1657Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I18818
10 Reynolds, Alice  1645Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I508
11 Robbins, Richard  1639Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I497
12 Roper, John  1645Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I507
13 Roper, John  1649Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I507
14 Stevens, Lt. Thomas  26 Aug 1661Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19495
15 Streeter, Stephen  1644Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24718
16 Swett, John  1649Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16062
17 Tidd, John  Jul 1637Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I576
18 Tidd, John  1644Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I576
19 Town, Deacon John  1708Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I582
20 Treadway, James  1668Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19468
21 Tufts, Peter  Before 1638Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I702
22 Wilder, Thomas  1639Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I659


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, Susanna  Jul 1668Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20128
2 Johnson, Elizabeth  7 Dec 1677Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20700
3 Johnson, Isaac  30 Aug 1711Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20704
4 Johnson, Jonathan  7 Dec 1677Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20701
5 Johnson, Joseph  7 Dec 1677Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I371
6 Johnson, Nathaniel  7 Dec 1677Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20702
7 Johnson, William  7 Dec 1677Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I369
8 Jones, Thomas  20 Jan 1686Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I380
9 Jones, William  4 Mar 1678Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I379
10 Pierce, Abigail  3 Apr 1707Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I20964
11 Streeter, Stephen  10 Jun 1652Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I24718
12 Swett, John  22 Mar 1687/88Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I16062
13 Wood, Josiah  19 May 1691Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts I19135


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Badger / Hayden  16 Jun 1663Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F1559
2 Bunker / Wells  Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F8261
3 Carter / Bunker  24 Oct 1679Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F407
4 Dickerson / Reynolds  14 Apr 1681Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F521
5 Hobart /   10 Oct 1634Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F742
6 Hosier / Adams  13 Oct 1657Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F8892
7 Johnson / Soatlie  19 Apr 1664Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F409
8 Jones / Crouch  1669Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F211
9 Lawrence / Batchelor  2 Nov 1664Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F436
10 Lynde /   6 Dec 1665Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F755
11 Lynde / Nicholls  30 Jan 1710Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F623
12 Standhope / Ayer  16 Apr 1656Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F546
13 Stone / Carter  3 Apr 1706Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F721
14 Streeter / Adams  21 Mar 1652Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F8891
15 Tufts / Pierce  1647Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F674
16 Tufts / Waite  31 Mar 1681Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts F672