Roy Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, Whelpley, and Woodman
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Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.7762015, Longitude: -71.0772796


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Guile, Ephraim  21 Mar 1662Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20752
2 Guile, Hannah  25 Feb 1654Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20750
3 Guile, James  27 Aug 1660Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I927
4 Guile, John  8 Dec 1652Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20749
5 Guile, Judith  2 Apr 1650Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20748
6 Guile, Ruth  Jan 1689/90Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I374
7 Guile, Samuel  30 Aug 1648Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20747
8 Guile, Sarah  1 Mar 1658Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20751
9 Johnson, Anna  5 Jul 1747Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I15468
10 Johnson, Ebenezer  14 Aug 1727Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I15464
11 Johnson, Ebenezer  02 Jan 1744/45Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I15467
12 Johnson, Elizabeth  28 Feb 1680/81Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20715
13 Johnson, Hananh  10 Jun 1675Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20712
14 Johnson, John  9 Nov 1673Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20711
15 Johnson, Jonathan  24 Apr 1678Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20714
16 Johnson, Joseph  15 Oct 1667Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20707
17 Johnson, Joseph  24 Feb 1716Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I15461
18 Johnson, Joseph  9 Jun 1743Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I377
19 Johnson, Mary  4 Jun 1677Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20713
20 Johnson, Mary  16 Jun 1721Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I15462
21 Johnson, Nathaniel  15 Aug 1683Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I373
22 Johnson, Nathaniel  18 Nov 1718Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I375
23 Johnson, Nathaniel  31 Mar 1751Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I15470
24 Johnson, Ruth  Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I15469
25 Johnson, Ruth  5 May 1723Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I15463
26 Johnson, Sarah  21 Mar 1714/15Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I15460
27 Johnson, Deacon Thomas  11 Dec 1670Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20709
28 Johnson, William  15 Jan 1669Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20708
29 Johnson, Zachariah  16 Apr 1672Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20710
30 Johnson, Zachariah  26 Aug 1687Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20716
31 Page, baby boy  26 Mar 1658Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18852
32 Page, Elizabeth  14 Jun 1653Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18850
33 Page, Ephraim  27 Feb 1659Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18853
34 Page, Mercy  1 Apr 1655Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18851
35 Peasley, Joseph  9 Sep 1646Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18469
36 Whittier, Tamzin  1774Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I24967
37 Woodin, Mary  6 Mar 1652/53Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20099
38 Young, Hannah  27 Sep 1685Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1638


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ann  3 May 1660Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I24762
2 Anne  5 Feb 1660Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I731
3 Barnard, Ruth  5 Nov 1723Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18257
4 Barnes, Deborah  14 Jan 1718/19Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18549
5 Bartlett, Christopher  14 Apr 1711Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I24700
6 Brown, Captain George  31 Oct 1699Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18649
7 Clough, Martha  11 May 1683Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18874
8 Colby, Rebecca  10 Jun 1672Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18440
9 Currier, Hannah  23 Jan 1699/1700Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I14412
10 Davis, Ephraim  28 Sep 1679Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20744
11 Davis, James  29 Jan 1678/79Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1294
12 Davis, James  18 Jul 1694Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20745
13 Davis, Judith  May 1667Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1292
14 Davis, Samuel  10 Sep 1696Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20742
15 Davis, Sarah  15 Feb 1696/97Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20743
16 Dow, Thomas  31 May 1654Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I24369
17 Eaton, Anne  16 Dec 1683Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18771
18 Eaton, Elizabeth  21 Jan 1683Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18774
19 Eaton, John  29 Oct 1668Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I729
20 Eaton, Thomas  15 Dec 1708Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18772
21 Greeley, Benjamin  4 Dec 1690Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18742
22 Guile, James  29 Apr 1705Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I927
23 Guile, Judith  28 Apr 1672Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20748
24 Guile, Ruth  11 Nov 1729Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I374
25 Guile, Samuel  16 Oct 1675Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20747
26 Guile, Samuel  21 Feb 1683Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1291
27 Hazelton or Haseltine, Nathaniel  14 Jan 1723/24Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I24740
28 Johnson, John  23 Mar 1704/5Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20711
29 Johnson, Lt. John  29 Aug 1708Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20698
30 Johnson, Jonathan  08 Feb 1703/4Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20714
31 Johnson, Joseph  18 Nov 1714Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I371
32 Johnson, Mary  After 1724Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20713
33 Johnson, Deacon Thomas  18 Feb 1742Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20709
34 Johnson, Zachariah  27 Oct 1673Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20710
35 Kimball, Henry  1698Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18711
36 Kimball, John  1758Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I14681
37 Marsh, Mary  15 Feb 1697Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1652
38 Marsh, Onisphorus  15 May 1713Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18843
39 Moyce, Hannah  19 Jul 1677Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18738
40 Page, baby boy  26 Mar 1658Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18852
41 Page, Cornelius  10 Oct 1697Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18848
42 Page, Elizabeth  3 Jul 1653Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18850
43 Page, Ephraim  22 Jul 1659Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18853
44 Page, John  23 Nov 1687Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1651
45 Page, John  7 Jun 1714Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18844
46 Page, Joseph  5 Feb 1684Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18847
47 Page, Sarah  23 Mar 1686Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18849
48 Parker, Samuel  31 Aug 1690Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20762
49 Peasley, Joseph  21 Mar 1734/35Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18469
50 Plummer, Ruth  Bef 1702Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18156
51 Shatswell, Theophilus  17 Aug 1663Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I22850
52 Sibley, Samuel  29 Aug 1708Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I14112
53 Thayer, Cicely  28 May 1673Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1295
54 Tuxbury, Hannah  24 Sep 1746Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18490
55 Webster, Elizabeth  After 1694Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18185
56 Woodin, John  Before 30 Jun 1721Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20102
57 Woodman, Jacob Lincoln  21 Sep 1876Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I11882


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Deborah  19 Dec 1663Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18549
2 Brown, Captain George  17 Mar 1684Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18649
3 Brown, Sarah  23 May 1696Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18950
4 Clough, Martha  13 Nov 1674Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18874
5 Colby, Rebecca  9 Sep 1661Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18440
6 Currier, Hannah  18 May 1697Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I14412
7 Currier, Capt. John  16 Apr 1724Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I14464
8 Davis, Ephraim  31 Dec 1659Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20744
9 Davis, James  1 Dec 1648Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20745
10 Davis, Ensign John  10 Dec 1646Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20746
11 Davis, Samuel  19 Dec 1663Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20742
12 Davis, Sarah  18 Jun 1663Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20743
13 Eaton, Elizabeth  1 Dec 1648Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18774
14 Eaton, Thomas  14 Aug 1656Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18772
15 Flanders, Sarah  20 Dec 1733Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I14405
16 Greeley, Joseph  7 Feb 1695Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18741
17 Johnson, Elizabeth  31 Jan 1721Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20715
18 Johnson, Lt. John  3 Mar 1675Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20698
19 Johnson, Lt. John  8 Sep 1680Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20698
20 Johnson, Joseph  30 Jun 1693Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20707
21 Johnson, Mary  17 May 1697Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20713
22 Johnson, Deacon Thomas  1 May 1700Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20709
23 Kimball, Henry  14 Dec 1677Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18711
24 Page, Benjamin  21 Sep 1666Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18845
25 Page, Cornelius  13 Nov 1674Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18848
26 Page, Cornelius  16 Jan 1684Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18848
27 Page, John  18 Jun 1663Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18844
28 Page, Mary  23 Oct 1655Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18846
29 Page, Mercy  13 Nov 1674Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18851
30 Page, Sarah  14 Jan 1669Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18849
31 Parker, Samuel  19 Mar 1689Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20762
32 Sargent, Mary  26 Dec 1695Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18554
33 Tenney, Daniel  22 May 1695Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20739
34 Tucker, Anne  27 Oct 1725Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I15465
35 Tucker, Mary  23 Dec 1685Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20765
36 Tuxbury, Hannah  20 Oct 1687Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18490
37 Webster, Hannah  1 Apr 1657Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18183
38 Webster, Steven  14 Mar 1663Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18184
39 Woodman, Edward  18 Dec 1729Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I14084


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Woodman, Jacob Lincoln  1870Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I11882


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID 
1 Eaton, John  1645Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I729
2 Guile, Samuel  18 May 1642Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1291
3 Page, Cornelius  28 Nov 1677Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18848
4 Page, John  1669Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18844


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Bosworth, Susanna  birth to deathHaverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I22855
2 Eastman, Philip  1675Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18466
3 Eastman, Philip  1677Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18466
4 Page, Joseph  say 1667 to deathHaverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18847
5 Peasley, Joseph  1677Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18469
6 Peasley, Joseph  1677Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18469
7 Shatswell, Theophilus  say 1645 to 1663Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I22850


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land/House    Person ID 
1 Eaton, John  20 Apr 1655Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I729


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Legal    Person ID 
1 Page, John  1684Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18844


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Page, John  1685Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18844

Moved To

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved To    Person ID 
1 Davis, James  Abt 1640Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1294
2 Johnson, Lt. John  Autumn 1658Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20698
3 Kimball, Henry  1675Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18711
4 Sleeper, Thomas  1657Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1777
5 Thayer, Cicely  Abt 1640Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1295
6 Woodman, Sarah  1698Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I14071

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved to    Person ID 
1 Brown, Captain George  1645Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18649
2 Eaton, Anne  1645Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18771
3 Eaton, John  1646Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I729
4 Marsh, Mary  1651Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1652
5 Page, John  1651Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1651
6 Webster, John  Abt 1635Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18182


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Oath    Person ID 
1 Greeley, Joseph  11 Nov 1677Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18741
2 Kimball, Henry  1677Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18711
3 Page, Benjamin  1677Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18845
4 Page, John  1677Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18844


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Page, John  1683Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18844
2 Peasley, Joseph  say 1670Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18469
3 Webster, Steven  1667Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18184

Offices Held

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Offices Held    Person ID 
1 Davis, James  1646Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1294
2 Eaton, John  1648Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I729
3 Johnson, Lt. John  1691Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20698
4 Johnson, Joseph  1692Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I371
5 Page, John  1685Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18844
6 Page, John  1697Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18844


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate/Proved    Person ID 
1 Brown, Captain George  6 Nov 1699Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18649
2 Johnson, Lt. John  21 Mar 1709Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20698
3 Johnson, Joseph  6 Dec 1714Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I371


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Proprietor    Person ID 
1 Eaton, John  1648Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I729
2 Guile, Samuel  say 1640Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1291


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Greeley, Andrew  1669Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I885
2 Woodman, Joshua  1660 to 1668Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18123


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Brown, Captain George  26 Jun 1699Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18649
2 Davis, James  17 Mar 1675/76Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I1294
3 Dow, Thomas  29 May 1654Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I24369
4 Johnson, Elizabeth  31 Dec 1713Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20715
5 Johnson, Hananh  31 Dec 1713Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20712
6 Johnson, Lt. John  11 Jun 1696Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20698
7 Johnson, Joseph  31 Dec 1713Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I371
8 Johnson, Joseph  31 Dec 1713Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20707
9 Johnson, Nathaniel  31 Dec 1713Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I373
10 Johnson, Deacon Thomas  31 Dec 1713Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20709
11 Johnson, William  31 Dec 1713Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I20708
12 Page, John  11 May 1714Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I18844
13 Tenney, Hannah  31 Dec 1713Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts I372


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Eaton /   20 Nov 1661Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts F701
2 Guile / Davis  1 Sep 1647Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts F874
3 Johnson / Guile  Before 1715Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts F411
4 Johnson / Tenney  1666Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts F408
5 Johnson / Tucker  25 May 1742Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts F413
6 Page / Dow  2 Dec 1673Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts F8330
7 Page / Guile  21 Jun 1671Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts F8329
8 Shatswell / Bosworth  1648 - 1651Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts F7748