Roy Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, Whelpley, and Woodman
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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lizzie  About 1836Pennsylvania I24298
2 May  About 1856Pennsylvania I25396
3 Blank, Elizabeth  12 Aug 1814Pennsylvania I12056
4 Blank, Sophia  8 Oct 1839Pennsylvania I10789
5 Blank, Susannah  1787Pennsylvania I15713
6 Botzem, Catherine C.  About 1860Pennsylvania I12563
7 Botzem, Mary Ellen  Abt 1856Pennsylvania I12566
8 Botzem, Mary Frances  About 1863Pennsylvania I12564
9 Bowers, Rebecca  About 1826Pennsylvania I24297
10 Boyle, Alice  Abt 1862Pennsylvania I12025
11 Boyle, James  Oct 1852Pennsylvania I12021
12 Boyle, John  Abt 1867Pennsylvania I12022
13 Boyle, Mary  Abt 1860Pennsylvania I12024
14 Boyle, Peter  31 Mar 1855Pennsylvania I12029
15 Boyle, Sarah  Abt 1873Pennsylvania I12028
16 Brindle, Della  Mar 1896Pennsylvania I13042
17 Brindle, Helen M. J.  2 Oct 1907Pennsylvania I12089
18 Brindle, Laura  Apr 1890Pennsylvania I12081
19 Brindle, Lydia E.  Abt 1864Pennsylvania I12067
20 Brindle, Mary A.  About 1841Pennsylvania I12055
21 Brindle, Paul I.  22 Nov 1920Pennsylvania I11299
22 Brindle, Robert Asha  15 May 1910Pennsylvania I12090
23 Burg, Annie  Jan 1896Pennsylvania I9830
24 Burg, Barbara  May 1883Pennsylvania I9826
25 Burg, Florence  About 1906Pennsylvania I9834
26 Burg, George  Dec 1890Pennsylvania I9828
27 Burg, Katie  Jan 1882Pennsylvania I9825
28 Burg, William  Mar 1894Pennsylvania I9829
29 Caulfield, Michael P.  Jan 1876Pennsylvania I25478
30 Clark, Eliza B.  About 1845Pennsylvania I25388
31 Clark, Eugene  About 1907Pennsylvania I25272
32 Clark, George W. Jr.  About 1843Pennsylvania I25387
33 Clark, Harry  About 1852Pennsylvania I25389
34 Clark, Mary A.  About 1850Pennsylvania I25390
35 Clark, Robert  About 1916Pennsylvania I25274
36 Clark, Rosella  About 1913Pennsylvania I25273
37 Clark, Thomas F.  Abt 1920Pennsylvania I11258
38 Clark, William A.  About 1910Pennsylvania I11256
39 Daley, Annie E.  Sep 1874Pennsylvania I11789
40 Daley, Elizabeth  Dec 1881Pennsylvania I11791
41 Daley, George F.  About 1868Pennsylvania I11793
42 Daley, James  About 1850Pennsylvania I25406
43 Daley, John  About 1845Pennsylvania I25404
44 Daley, Mary  Jul 1877Pennsylvania I11790
45 Daley, Rosanna  About 1846Pennsylvania I25405
46 Donovan, Patrick  About 1858Pennsylvania I9789
47 Durham, Mariah  Abt 1825Pennsylvania I10615
48 Fleck, Abigail Ann  11 Jan 1836Pennsylvania I12760
49 Fleck, Margaret Jane  21 May 1834Pennsylvania I12774
50 Fleck, Martin Luther  Jan 1838Pennsylvania I12763
51 Gallagher, Ann  About 1846Pennsylvania I9779
52 Gallagher, Catherine  About 1854Pennsylvania I9782
53 Gallagher, Francis  Mar 1845Pennsylvania I11036
54 Gallagher, John  About 1842Pennsylvania I9778
55 Gallagher, Mary  About 1851Pennsylvania I9781
56 Gallagher, Michael  About 1849Pennsylvania I9780
57 Gallagher, Volares  Abt 1931Pennsylvania I11240
58 Gaughan, A. Mary  About 1870Pennsylvania I9838
59 Gaughan, B. William  May 1875Pennsylvania I9821
60 Gaughan, Catherine  About 1874Pennsylvania I9839
61 Gaughan, Ellen  About 1879Pennsylvania I9841
62 Gaughan, James  Oct 1882Pennsylvania I9822
63 Gaughan, Mary  About 1851Pennsylvania I9837
64 Gaughan, Michael  Jan 1872Pennsylvania I9820
65 Gaughan, Patrick  About 1876Pennsylvania I9840
66 Gaughan, Thomas Jr.  Nov 1880Pennsylvania I9819
67 Geiger, Catharine  About 1840Pennsylvania I12491
68 Geiger, Estella  Jan 1886Pennsylvania I11996
69 Geiger, Harriet  About 1846Pennsylvania I12495
70 Geiger, Henry  About 1852Pennsylvania I12496
71 Geiger, Johann Carl  26 Jun 1772Pennsylvania I15627
72 Geiger, John  About 1844Pennsylvania I12494
73 Geiger, Sarah  About 1839Pennsylvania I12493
74 Green, Albert E.  Jun 1884Pennsylvania I12106
75 Green, Jesse  1827Pennsylvania I13090
76 Green, John McClellan  6 Nov 1863Pennsylvania I12098
77 Green, Margaret Emma  16 Apr 1857Pennsylvania I12095
78 Green, Michael J.  20 Jun 1861Pennsylvania I12097
79 Green, Phoebe  Abt 1831Pennsylvania I13091
80 Green, Venile Gilson  7 Apr 1866Pennsylvania I12099
81 Greene, David Edgar  26 Aug 1876Pennsylvania I12102
82 Hanlin, Dennis  About 1768Pennsylvania I10794
83 Hanlin, Mary  1805Pennsylvania I10793
84 Huffman, John  About 1829Pennsylvania I11984
85 Kistner, Catherine  Abt 1843Pennsylvania I12572
86 Kistner, Ellen  Abt 1843Pennsylvania I12571
87 Kistner, George W.  Abt 1840Pennsylvania I12569
88 Kistner, Joseph C.  1847Pennsylvania I12570
89 Kistner, Margaret Anne  About 1837Pennsylvania I12562
90 Lindsay, Frederick  1790Pennsylvania I12879
91 Lindsay, Homer  Dec 1859Pennsylvania I12865
92 Lindsay, Robert Garber  1828Pennsylvania I12861
93 Lindsay, Ulysses Grant  17 Mar 1863Pennsylvania I12867
94 Lindsay, Walter E.  1 Feb 1856Pennsylvania I12864
95 Lindsey, Hallie  Abt 1861Pennsylvania I12866
96 Lotz, Abigail Ann  4 May 1842Pennsylvania I12747
97 Lotz, Edward M.  5 Mar 1857Pennsylvania I12735
98 Lotz, Emma Jane  26 Oct 1851Pennsylvania I12754
99 Lotz, Mary C.  20 Jul 1849Pennsylvania I12744
100 Lotz, Mary Gertrude  Sep 1886Pennsylvania I10612

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Caulfield, Michael P.  Nov 1911Pennsylvania I25478
2 Fleck, Abigail Ann  12 Aug 1839Pennsylvania I12760
3 Ginter, Katherine  1841Pennsylvania I12773
4 Greta, Margaretha  1738Pennsylvania I10835
5 Kuntz, Johann Christoph  26 Jul 1781Pennsylvania I21159
6 Lotz, Mary C.  18 Feb 1887Pennsylvania I12744
7 McMichael, Samuel Warren  23 Jul 1890Pennsylvania I10902
8 Pschirer, Katherine  1919Pennsylvania I11946
9 Sahr, Lauretta  Jan 1978Pennsylvania I840
10 Schemel, George  Before 1930Pennsylvania I25143


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 Geiger, Clara  1892Pennsylvania I11991
2 Geiger, Valintine  1 May 1747Pennsylvania I15618


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Eberhard, Anna Catherine  1737Pennsylvania I10819
2 Eberhard, Anna Elisabetha  1737Pennsylvania I15655
3 Eberhard, Anna Eva  1737Pennsylvania I15661
4 Eberhard, Catherine Barbara  1737Pennsylvania I15658
5 Eberhard, Frederick  1737Pennsylvania I15654
6 Eberhard, Johann Arnold  1737Pennsylvania I15659
7 Eberhard, Johann Fredrich  1737Pennsylvania I15662
8 Eberhard, Johann Freiderich  1737Pennsylvania I10836
9 Kuntz, Johann Jacob  1738Pennsylvania I10820
10 Stambaugh, Anna Catharina  1737Pennsylvania I10837


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Brindle / Baker  1817Pennsylvania F7490
2 Brindle / Hanlin  1836Pennsylvania F7488
3 Green / Clark  1865Pennsylvania F7022
4 Green / Mack  1857Pennsylvania F7068
5 Lotz / Fleck  13 Oct 1840Pennsylvania F764
6 Morrow / Ferguson  27 Nov 1810Pennsylvania F779