Roy Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the Roy family, including Boudreau, Burnett, Myers, Ward, Whelpley, and Woodman
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Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts



City/Town : Latitude: 42.84172299999999, Longitude: -70.86059820000003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnard, Abigail  20 Jan 1656/57Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18258
2 Barnard, Hannah  24 Nov 1649Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18256
3 Barnard, John  12 Jan 1654/55Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I160
4 Barnard, Martha  22 Sep 1645Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18254
5 Barnard, Mary  22 Sep 1645Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18255
6 Barnard, Nathaniel  15 Jan 1642/43Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18253
7 Barnard, Ruth  16 Oct 1651Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18257
8 Barnard, Sarah  Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14406
9 Barnard, Sarah  28 Sep 1647Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1138
10 Barnard, Thomas  10 May 1641Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I239
11 Barnard, Rev. Thomas  22 Jan 1663/64Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14407
12 Barnes, Deborah  1 Apr 1646Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18549
13 Barnes, Hannah  22 Jan 1643/44Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18548
14 Barnes, Jonathan  1 Apr 1648Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18550
15 Barnes, Rachel  30 Apr 1649Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I735
16 Blaisdell, Henry  28 May 1663Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18521
17 Brown, Abigail  13 Feb 1643/44Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18650
18 Brown, Abigail  1 Feb 1674/75Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1143
19 Brown, Abra  20 Nov 1680Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18657
20 Brown, Abraham  1 Jan 1649/50Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1146
21 Brown, Captain Abraham  16 Mar 1689/90Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1647
22 Brown, Ann  19 Nov 1676Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18949
23 Brown, Anna  23 Nov 1717Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1728
24 Brown, baby boy  10 Jan 1675/76Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18948
25 Brown, Bethia  Jul 1684Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18952
26 Brown, Elizabeth  29 Mar 1682Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18951
27 Brown, Hannah  3 Apr 1668Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18656
28 Brown, Hannah  7 Nov 1686Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18953
29 Brown, Henry  8 Feb 1658/59Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18654
30 Brown, Jonathan  25 Nov 1646Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18651
31 Brown, Capt. Nathaniel  30 Jun 1642Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1141
32 Brown, Nathaniel  24 Jul 1689Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18659
33 Brown, Philip  Dec 1646Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18652
34 Brown, Ruth  9 Aug 1685Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18658
35 Brown, Samuel  16 Nov 1694Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18954
36 Brown, Sarah  6 Dec 1654Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18653
37 Brown, Sarah  25 Jan 1676/77Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18950
38 Carter, Abigail  Jan 1652/53Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I127
39 Carter, Elizabeth  Apr 1649Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18430
40 Carter, John  18 May 1650Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18431
41 Carter, Martha  Feb 1645Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18428
42 Carter, Martha  Mar 1647Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18429
43 Carter, Mary  6 Oct 1641Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18426
44 Carter, Samuel  25 Oct 1656Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18432
45 Carter, Sarah  Abt 1658Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18433
46 Carter, Thomas  1643Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18427
47 Challis, Elizabeth  —Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18581
48 Challis, John  9 Jul 1653Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18573
49 Challis, John  26 Jun 1655Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18574
50 Challis, Lydia  31 May 1665Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18576
51 Challis, Philip Watson  19 Dec 1657Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18578
52 Challis, William  19 Dec 1657Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18575
53 Challis, William  18 May 1663Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18582
54 Clough, Martha  22 Mar 1654Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18874
55 Clough, Sarah  28 Jun 1646Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1730
56 Colby, Anthony  10 May 1665Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18457
57 Colby, Frances  10 Dec 1662Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I947
58 Colby, Isaac  6 Jul 1640Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18439
59 Colby, Sgt. John  19 Nov 1656Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I159
60 Colby, Mary  19 Sep 1647Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18441
61 Colby, Rebecca  11 Mar 1643Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18440
62 Colby, Sarah  17 Jul 1658Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18456
63 Colby, Susanna  10 May 1665Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18458
64 Colby, Thomas  8 Mar 1650/51Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I727
65 Colby, Thomas  1 Jul 1675Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18522
66 Collins, Ann  1 Apr 1679Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I866
67 Collins, Benjamin  29 May 1681Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18803
68 Collins, Ephraim  30 Sep 1683Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18804
69 Collins, John  1673Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18801
70 Collins, Mary  8 Jan 1669/70Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18800
71 Collins, Samuel  18 Jan 1676Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18802
72 Currier, Hannah  8 Jul 1643Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18470
73 Currier, Deacon Thomas  8 Mar 1646Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I244
74 Eastman, Benjamin  12 Feb 1652/53Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18467
75 Eastman, Philip  20 Dec 1644Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18466
76 Eaton, Ann  17 Dec 1652Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18794
77 Eaton, Elizabeth  12 Dec 1650Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18793
78 Eaton, Ephraim  12 Apr 1663Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18799
79 Eaton, Esther  say 1649Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18792
80 Eaton, John  Abt 1646Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18790
81 Eaton, Captain Joseph  6 Mar 1660/61Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18798
82 Eaton, Martha  12 Aug 1648Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I892
83 Eaton, Mary  9 Dec 1656Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18796
84 Eaton, Samuel  14 Feb 1659Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18797
85 Eaton, Sarah  28 Dec 1654Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18795
86 Eaton, Thomas  19 Jan 1646/47Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18791
87 Fellows, Hannah  15 Sep 1648Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1142
88 Fellows, Samuel  13 Jan 1646/47Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18655
89 Flanders, Abigail  22 Oct 1688Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14391
90 Flanders, Barnard  29 Apr 1741Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14439
91 Flanders, Benjamin  4 Jan 1712Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14721
92 Flanders, Daniel  16 Mar 1674/75Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I233
93 Flanders, Daniel  5 Feb 1737/38Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14438
94 Flanders, Capt. Daniel  28 Apr 1789Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14510
95 Flanders, Eleanor  9 Dec 1745Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14440
96 Flanders, Eleanor  4 May 1787Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14509
97 Flanders, Hannah  1 Feb 1734/35Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14436
98 Flanders, Jacob  17 Apr 1783Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14507
99 Flanders, Jane  05 Mar 1683/84Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14389
100 Flanders, Jedidiah  29 Aug 1748Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I236

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Brown, Captain Abraham  5 Aug 1711Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1647
2 Brown, Nathaniel  8 Sep 1689Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18659
3 Brown, Ruth  29 May 1689Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18658
4 Collins, Ephraim  4 Jun 1699Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18804
5 Flanders, Abigail  10 Dec 1721Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1575
6 Flanders, Benjamin  10 Dec 1721Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14721
7 Flanders, Joseph  5 Apr 1724Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14385
8 Flanders, Judith  10 Dec 1721Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14724
9 Flanders, Mehitable  10 Dec 1721Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14722
10 Flanders, Phillip  5 Apr 1724Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14388
11 Flanders, Thomas  10 Dec 1721Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14723
12 Flanders, Thomas  10 Dec 1721Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I953
13 Hackett, Catherine  9 Sep 1705Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1139
14 Hackett, Ebenezer  7 Feb 1719/20Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14151
15 Hackett, Mercy  1744Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14158
16 Morrill, Abigail  9 Mar 1700/01Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14648
17 Morrill, Benjamin  9 Mar 1700/01Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14647
18 Morrill, Joseph  23 Apr 1704Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1643
19 Morrill, Joseph  4 Sep 1726Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14656
20 Morrill, Michajah  10 Oct 1708Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14651
21 Morrill, Rev. Nathaniel  24 Aug 1701Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14649
22 Morrill, Paul  9 Jun 1706Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14650
23 Morrill, Smith  13 Jul 1735Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14662
24 Page, Daniel  25 Jul 1708Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14717
25 Page, Deacon Jabez  4 Feb 1710/11Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1729
26 Sargent, Hannah  22 Apr 1694Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18558
27 Sargent, Jacob  22 Apr 1694Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I732
28 Sargent, John  22 Apr 1694Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18562
29 Sargent, Joseph  22 Apr 1694Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18559
30 Sargent, Judith  22 Apr 1694Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18561
31 Sargent, Mary  22 Apr 1694Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18554
32 Sargent, Rachel  22 Apr 1694Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18557
33 Sargent, Thomas  22 Apr 1694Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18555
34 Sargent, William  22 Apr 1694Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18556
35 Stevens, Tabitha  24 Aug 1707Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14655


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Abigail  23 Aug 1702Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1145
2 Ann  5 Dec 1684Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1149
3 Elizabeth  23 Jan 1736/37Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I24475
4 Frances  23 Feb 1642/43Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I360
5 Jane  16 Jan 1680Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1739
6 Katherine  31 Jul 1682Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1311
7 Phebe  3 Nov 1672Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18770
8 Susanna  8 Jul 1689Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I156
9 Allen, William  18 Jun 1686Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20454
10 Barnard, Hannah  27 Feb 1711/12Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18256
11 Barnard, Hannah  26 Apr 1731Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14409
12 Barnard, Sarah  10 Sep 1717Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1138
13 Barnes, William  11 Jun 1648Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18547
14 Brown, Abigail  11 Jan 1679/80Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18650
15 Brown, Abraham  26 Mar 1733Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1146
16 Brown, baby boy  17 Jan 1675/76Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18948
17 Brown, Hannah  1738Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18656
18 Brown, Deacon Henry  6 Aug 1701Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1144
19 Brown, Henry  25 Apr 1708Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18654
20 Brown, Jonathan  youngSalisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18651
21 Brown, Capt. Nathaniel  5 Oct 1723Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1141
22 Brown, Nathaniel  5 Aug 1747Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18659
23 Brown, Philip  21 Jul 1729Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18652
24 Brown, Sarah  23 Jun 1727Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18653
25 Brown, William  24 Aug 1706Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18648
26 Carter, Martha  youngSalisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18428
27 Carter, Samuel  25 Oct 1718Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18432
28 Carter, Thomas  14 Aug 1669Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18427
29 Challis, John  youngSalisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18573
30 Challis, Philip Watson  youngSalisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18578
31 Challis, William  19 Dec 1657Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18575
32 Clough, John  26 Jul 1691Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1738
33 Clough, Sarah  18 Mar 1705/06Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1730
34 Colby, Anthony  11 Feb 1660/61Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I155
35 Colby, Thomas  4 Jun 1741Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18522
36 Collins, Benjamin  10 Dec 1683Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I891
37 Collins, Benjamin  4 Jun 1699Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18803
38 Currier, Daniel  24 Sep 1727Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14421
39 Currier, Samuel  30 Jul 1735Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14414
40 Dickerson, John  30 Dec 1683Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20453
41 Eastman, Roger  16 Dec 1694Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1582
42 Eaton, Ann  12 Jun 1658Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18794
43 Eaton, Ephraim  8 Jun 1723Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18799
44 Eaton, Esther  1649Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18792
45 Eaton, John  30 Oct 1682Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I728
46 Eaton, John  17 Jan 1717/18Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18790
47 Eaton, Captain Joseph  13 Jan 1742/43Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18798
48 Eaton, Martha  19 Apr 1734Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I892
49 Eaton, Mary  02 Feb 1656/57Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18796
50 Fellows, Hannah  23 May 1727Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1142
51 Fellows, Samuel  6 Mar 1697/98Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1148
52 Fellows, Samuel  Before 02 Mar 1729/30Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18655
53 Flanders, Benjamin  1770Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14721
54 Flanders, Jedidiah  3 Jun 1776Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I234
55 Flanders, Corporal John  24 Dec 1716Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18425
56 Flanders, Joseph  29 Dec 1734Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14385
57 Flanders, Mary  4 May 1650Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18420
58 Flanders, Mary  11 Nov 1719Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18421
59 Flanders, Naomi  24 Jun 1718Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18424
60 Flanders, Philip  27 Aug 1712Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18422
61 Flanders, Phillip  23 Feb 1678Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14386
62 Flanders, Sarah  Jan 1715/16Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14387
63 Flanders, Steven  27 Jun 1684Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I230
64 Flanders, Steven  Apr 1689Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I232
65 Flanders, Thomas  12 Apr 1671Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14383
66 Flanders, Thomas  4 Oct 1741Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I953
67 Folcard, Hannah or Anna  1655Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I888
68 Greeley, Andrew  30 Jun 1697Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I885
69 Greeley, Andrew  26 Nov 1736Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18739
70 Greeley, John  10 Feb 1722/23Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I867
71 Greeley, Jonathan  25 Oct 1750Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18754
72 Greeley, Mary  11 Aug 1697Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18740
73 Greeley, Philip  17 Mar 1717/18Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I883
74 Greeley, Ruth  30 May 1716Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18759
75 Guile, Hannah  22 Dec 1683Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20750
76 Hackett, Benjamin  11 Sep 1743Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14157
77 Hackett, Ebenezer  19 Oct 1741Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14151
78 Hackett, Deacon Judah  13 Mar 1740/41Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14150
79 Hackett, Richard  18 Apr 1767Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14155
80 Hackett, Capt. William  6 Mar 1712/13Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1137
81 Hackett, William  25 Apr 1743Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1140
82 Hackett, William  12 Aug 1753Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14154
83 Haffield, Sarah  3 Aug 1673Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I890
84 Hauxworth, Mary  8 May 1695Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1705
85 Hauxworth, Thomas  8 Nov 1642Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1736
86 Hibbert, Christian  28 Dec 1641Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2132
87 Hoyt, Gregory  1 Jan 1641Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18453
88 Hoyt, Joseph  19 Apr 1648Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18445
89 Hoyt, Joseph  24 Jan 1649/50Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18446
90 Hoyt, Marah  1 Dec 1653Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18447
91 Hoyt, Sarah  26 Feb 1644/45Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18443
92 Ilsley, John  10 Dec 1683Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I889
93 Ilsley, Ruth  2 May 1650Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18752
94 Kimball, Abigail  17 Jun 1658Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18679
95 Merrill, Sgt. Daniel  27 Jun 1717Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1731
96 Merrill, John  7 Jan 1756Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18876
97 Merrill, Deacon Moses  17 Jan 1756Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18878
98 Merrill, Ruth  29 Jan 1710/11Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1707
99 Morrill, Abraham  1662Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1577
100 Morrill, Hannah  16 Apr 1754Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1605

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Flanders, Benjamin  Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14721


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Married    Person ID 
1 Barnard, Abigail  2 Jun 1681Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18258
2 Barnard, Hannah  28 Oct 1673Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18256
3 Barnard, Martha  26 Dec 1667Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18254
4 Barnard, Samuel  20 Feb 1734/35Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14428
5 Barnes, Mary  23 Jun 1659Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18546
6 Brown, Abigail  1 Jun 1664Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18650
7 Brown, Abra  24 May 1704Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18657
8 Brown, Bethia  1705Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18952
9 Brown, Elizabeth  5 Oct 1704Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18951
10 Brown, Captain George  25 Jun 1645Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18649
11 Brown, Hannah  30 Sep 1686Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18656
12 Brown, Hannah  24 Jan 1712Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18953
13 Brown, Henry  17 May 1682Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18654
14 Brown, Nathaniel  3 Nov 1713Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18659
15 Brown, Philip  24 Jun 1669Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18652
16 Brown, Ruth  15 Jan 1708Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18658
17 Brown, Samuel  1 Jan 1719Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18954
18 Brown, Sarah  12 Jun 1673Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18653
19 Brown, William  25 Jun 1646Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18648
20 Colby, Sarah  6 Mar 1654Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18436
21 Collins, Samuel  16 Mar 1699Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18802
22 Currier, Ebenezer  8 Dec 1713Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14420
23 Currier, Hannah  23 Jun 1659Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18470
24 Currier, Lt. Richard  25 Nov 1731Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14466
25 Eastman, Benjamin  4 Apr 1699Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18467
26 Eastman, Benjamin  5 Oct 1719Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18467
27 Eaton, Anne  25 Jun 1645Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18771
28 Eaton, Elizabeth  7 Jan 1674Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18793
29 Eaton, Ephraim  5 Feb 1689Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18799
30 Eaton, Captain Joseph  14 Dec 1683Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18798
31 Eaton, Sarah  6 May 1675Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18795
32 Eaton, Thomas  14 Nov 1679Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18791
33 Fellows, Samuel  2 Jun 1681Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18655
34 Flanders, Benjamin  7 Nov 1734Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14721
35 Flanders, Jeremiah  29 Dec 1726Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14390
36 Flanders, Joseph  16 Oct 1718Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14385
37 Flanders, Mehitable  29 Jan 1736Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14722
38 Flanders, Naomi  4 Apr 1699Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18424
39 Flanders, Phillip  02 Feb 1709/10Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14388
40 Flanders, Thomas  13 Jan 1805Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14503
41 Fogg, Rev. Jeremiah  13 Jul 1739Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18946
42 Greeley, Andrew  12 Jun 1673Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18739
43 Greeley, Benjamin  24 Jan 1681Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18742
44 Greeley, Mary  26 Mar 1668Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18740
45 Greeley, Mary  22 Nov 1705Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18756
46 Greeley, Philip  11 Dec 1707Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18757
47 Greeley, Ruth  29 Apr 1708Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18759
48 Hackett, Joseph  7 Dec 1743Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14156
49 Hackett, Deacon Judah  30 Apr 1687Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14150
50 Hackett, Deacon Judah  9 Nov 1721Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14150
51 Hackett, Richard  20 Dec 1737Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14155
52 Hackett, Ruth  16 Mar 1710/11Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14153
53 Hackett, William  15 May 1735Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14154
54 Hoyt, John  23 Jun 1659Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18451
55 Hoyt, Mary  19 Dec 1663Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18444
56 Hoyt, Thomas  Abt 1667Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18452
57 Hoyt, Thomas  29 Nov 1689Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18452
58 Johnson, Hananh  28 Dec 1704Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20712
59 Kimball, Cornet Benajmin  16 Apr 1661Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18687
60 Kimball, Joseph  7 Jan 1714Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18730
61 Merrill, John  23 Sep 1702Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18876
62 Merrill, Martha  16 Jun 1702Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18879
63 Merrill, Nathan  22 Nov 1731Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14346
64 Merrill, Stephen  20 Jul 1710Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18880
65 Merrill, Stephen  say 1745Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18880
66 Merrill, Stephen  say 1745Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18880
67 Morrill, Benjamin  21 Jan 1719/20Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14647
68 Morrill, Michajah  17 Jan 1733/34Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14651
69 Morrill, Paul  26 Jun 1740Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14650
70 Morrill, Phebe  17 Feb 1736/37Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14653
71 Morrill, Tamson  21 Feb 1743/44Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14652
72 Moyce, Martha  30 Oct 1684Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18737
73 Nichols, John  01 Jan 1701/02Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14915
74 Nichols, Sarah  24 Nov 1698Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14916
75 Osgood, John  5 Nov 1668Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18473
76 Osgood, William  Oct 1672Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18474
77 Page, Abigail  21 Apr 1693Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18869
78 Page, Abigail  9 Jan 1723/24Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14719
79 Page, Daniel  5 Jun 1725Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14717
80 Page, Daniel  14 Aug 1755Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14717
81 Page, John  26 Oct 1717Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18377
82 Page, Joseph  12 Mar 1691Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18868
83 Page, Mary  6 Nov 1708Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18873
84 Page, Mary  24 Jan 1734Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14716
85 Page, Nehemiah  28 Feb 1729Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14720
86 Riddlesdale, Sarah  Dec 1647Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18702
87 Rowlandson, Elizabeth  24 Oct 1637Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18788
88 Rowlandson, Thomas  17 May 1653Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18787
89 Stevens, Sargent Benjamin  28 Oct 1673Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20776
90 Stevens, Lt. John  17 Feb 1670Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20772
91 Stevens, Mary  5 Nov 1668Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20775
92 Stevens, Mary  25 Aug 1685Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20775
93 Tucker, Joseph  14 Oct 1695Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20768

Baptism as an Adult

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism as an Adult    Person ID 
1 Brown, Hannah  10 Apr 1709Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18953
2 Brown, Samuel  29 Jun 1718Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18954
3 Shepard, Elizabeth  5 Nov 1710Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1646


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Flanders, Jedidiah  1790Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I236
2 Tuxbury, Judith  1790Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I250


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Deed    Person ID 
1 Allen, William  1656Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20454


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID 
1 Brown, Deacon Henry  1649Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1144
2 Brown, Capt. Nathaniel  1690Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1141
3 Challis, Lt. Philip Watson  Nov 1645Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I717
4 Dow, Thomas  22 Jun 1642Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I24369
5 Eastman, Benjamin  1690Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18467
6 Flanders, Corporal John  Apr 1670Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18425
7 Flanders, Corporal John  18 Apr 1690Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18425
8 Loker, Henry  1643Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I422
9 Loker, John  1646Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20483
10 Tucker, Morris  1690Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1308
11 Wells, Deacon Richard  1663Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18207


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    History    Person ID 
1 Barnard, Sarah  birth to deathSalisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1138
2 Collins, Benjamin  birth to deathSalisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I891
3 Eastman, Benjamin  1677Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18467
4 Flanders, Corporal John  Jun 1679Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18425
5 Flanders, Philip  birth to deathSalisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18422
6 Flanders, Steven  8 Feb 1651Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I230
7 Flanders, Steven  29 May 1658Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I230
8 Flanders, Steven  28 Jun 1679Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I232
9 Greeley, Andrew  1650Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I885
10 Page, Joseph  1691Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18868
11 Rowell, Thomas  1648Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1255
12 Rowell, Valentine  1650Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1246
13 Rowlandson, Thomas  1652Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18787
14 Tucker, Morris  1692Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1308


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inventory    Person ID 
1 Phebe  8 Apr 1673Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18770
2 Challis, Lt. Philip Watson  21 Sep 1680Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I717
3 Currier, Daniel  30 Sep 1727Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14421
4 Greeley, Jonathan  23 Nov 1750Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18754
5 Ilsley, John  19 Mar 1684Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I889
6 Morrill, Abraham  14 Oct 1662Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1577


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land/House    Person ID 
1 Barnard, Thomas  1640Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I241
2 Brown, Captain George  1642Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18649
3 Brown, Deacon Henry  1640Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1144
4 Colby, Anthony  1639Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I155
5 Currier, Richard  1641Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I246
6 Eaton, John  26 Aug 1640Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I729
7 Fellows, Samuel  1641Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1148
8 Flanders, Abigail  14 Oct 1709Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14391
9 Hibbert, Christian  1640Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I2132
10 Hoyt, Sgt. John  1640Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I359
11 Ilsley, John  1640Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I889
12 Ilsley, John  1654Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I889
13 Moyce, Joseph  1640Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I887
14 Rowell, Thomas  1640Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1255
15 Stevens, Sgt. John  1640Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1310
16 Wells, Deacon Richard  say 1660Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18207


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Legal    Person ID 
1 Hackett, Capt. William  1671Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1137


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Living    Person ID 
1 Carter, Abigail  1747Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I127
2 Carter, Mary  30 Oct 1676Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18426
3 Hackett, Catherine  1747Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1139
4 Kimball, Elizabeth  1675Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18680


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Flanders, Joseph  11 Nov 1702Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14385
2 Flanders, Phillip  25 Nov 1702Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14388
3 Flanders, Thomas  25 Nov 1702Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I953
4 Hackett, Ebenezer  1710Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14151
5 Hackett, Deacon Judah  1710Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14150
6 Merrill, John  1710Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18876
7 Page, Joseph  1710Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18868


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 Ilsley, John  1666Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I889

Moved To

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved To    Person ID 
1 Colby, Anthony  1634Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I155
2 Colby, Anthony  About 1640Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I155
3 Merrill, Sgt. Daniel  28 Jan 1696 to 31 Jan 1701Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1731

Moved to

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved to    Person ID 
1 Challis, Lt. Philip Watson  Abt 1640Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I717
2 Rowell, Thomas  1650Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1255
3 Rowlandson, Thomas  1652Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18787

Natural Issue

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Natural Issue    Person ID 
1 Flanders, Naomi  21 Feb 1684Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18424


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Oath    Person ID 
1 Brown, Abraham  1677Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1146
2 Brown, Henry  1677Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18654
3 Eaton, Samuel  1678Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18797
4 Eaton, Thomas  1678Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18791
5 Tucker, Morris  1677Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1308


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Barnes, William  1639Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I736
2 Eastman, Benjamin  say 1676Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18467
3 Fellows, Samuel  say 1649Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1148
4 Merrill, John  say 1704Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18876
5 Moyce, Joseph  say 1639Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I887
6 Rowell, Thomas  1639Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1255

Offices Held

Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Offices Held    Person ID 
1 Challis, Lt. Philip Watson  1646 to 1680Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I717
2 Colby, Anthony  10 Mar 1660Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I155
3 Currier, Richard  10 Mar 1660Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I246
4 Currier, Richard  1661 to 1674Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I246
5 Flanders, Steven  18 Feb 1650Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I230


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Petition    Person ID 
1 Hackett, Capt. William  1680Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1137


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate/Proved    Person ID 
1 Eaton, John  13 Apr 1669Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I729
2 Morrill, Abraham  14 Oct 1662Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1577


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Proprietor    Person ID 
1 Carter, Thomas  1639Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I125
2 Eaton, John  1639Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I729
3 Fellows, Samuel  1639Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1148
4 Flanders, Steven  1650 to 1677Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I230
5 Moyce, Joseph  1640Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I887
6 Moyce, Joseph  1658Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I887
7 Parker, Joseph  1639Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1297
8 Rowell, Thomas  1640Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1255


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Abigail  1687Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1145
2 Barnard, Hannah  28 May 1699Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18256
3 Barnes, Rebecca  8 Feb 1699/1700Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1156
4 Brown, Hannah  15 Jul 1694Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18656
5 Brown, Deacon Henry  1677Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1144
6 Brown, Deacon Henry  1687Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1144
7 Brown, Capt. Nathaniel  05 Feb 1698/99Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1141
8 Brown, Nathaniel  18 Jul 1714Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18659
9 Brown, Philip  10 Jun 1688Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18652
10 Brown, Ruth  16 Sep 1705Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18658
11 Colby, Anthony  5 May 1646Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I155
12 Colby, Frances  30 Apr 1699Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I947
13 Currier, Hannah  5 May 1700Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18470
14 Eastman, Benjamin  3 Jul 1687Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18467
15 Eaton, John  1677Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I728
16 Eaton, John  7 Sep 1707Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18790
17 Eaton, Martha  19 Feb 1698/99Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I892
18 Eaton, Sarah  17 Sep 1698Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18795
19 Fellows, Hannah  1687Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1142
20 Flanders, Jeremiah  7 Jan 1728Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14390
21 Flanders, Naomi  2 Apr 1699Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18424
22 Flanders, Steven  5 Apr 1724Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14384
23 Greeley, Jonathan  14 Oct 1705Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18754
24 Greeley, Jonathan  14 Oct 1705Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18754
25 Greeley, Sarah  1699Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18755
26 Hackett, Catherine  6 Nov 1720Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1139
27 Merrill, John  8 Jun 1718Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18876
28 Merrill, Deacon Moses  21 May 1710Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18878
29 Merrill, Stephen  6 Dec 1719Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18880
30 Morrill, Benjamin  07 Mar 1741/42Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14647
31 Morrill, Michajah  6 Oct 1728Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14651
32 Morrill, Theophilas  6 May 1759Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14658
33 Rowlandson, Thomas  1677Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18787
34 Shepard, Elizabeth  3 Dec 1710Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1646
35 Stevens, Sgt. John  1687Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1310
36 Swett, Elizabeth  9 Nov 1718Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I16078
37 Walker, Jane  14 Oct 1705Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I15944


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brown, William  1642Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18648
2 Colby, Isaac  1663Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18439
3 Dickerson, John  After 14 Apr 1681Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I20453
4 Flanders, Phillip  1748Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14388
5 Flanders, Steven  3 Feb 1650Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I230
6 Gould, Nathan  1660Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I881
7 Ilsley, John  1650Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I889
8 Kimball, Cornet Benajmin  1658Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18687
9 Lamson, Barnabey  1652Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I19069
10 Reynolds, Alice  After 14 Apr 1681Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I508
11 Tucker, Morris  1659Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1308


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax    Person ID 
1 Eaton, John  1652Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I729
2 Pressey, John  1659Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I24701


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Brown, Abraham  16 Feb 1733Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1146
2 Brown, Capt. Nathaniel  30 Jun 1721Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1141
3 Brown, Philip  30 Mar 1726Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18652
4 Carter, Samuel  13 Oct 1718Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18432
5 Carter, Thomas  30 Oct 1676Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I125
6 Currier, Daniel  22 May 1727Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14421
7 Currier, Samuel  12 Jul 1735Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I14414
8 Eaton, John  6 Aug 1668Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I729
9 Eaton, John  15 Jan 1717/18Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18790
10 Flanders, Jedidiah  10 Apr 1776Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I234
11 Flanders, Steven  4 Feb 1683/84Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I230
12 Greeley, Jonathan  1 Mar 1749/50Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18754
13 Hackett, Capt. William  4 Dec 1712Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1137
14 Merrill, Sgt. Daniel  10 May 1717Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1731
15 Merrill, John  28 Feb 1753Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18876
16 Merrill, Stephen  15 Jul 1747Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I18880
17 Morrill, Lt. Moses  14 May 1731Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1604
18 Osgood, William  15 Mar 1699/1700Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I248
19 Reynolds, Alice  24 Mar 1687Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I508
20 Stevens, Sgt. John  2 Apr 1686Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts I1310


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Allen / Reynolds  1684Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F522
2 Barnard / Currier  22 Oct 1696Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F277
3 Brown /   24 Dec 1755Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1406
4 Brown / Fellows  18 Oct 1666Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1045
5 Brown / Shepard  15 Jun 1675Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1050
6 Challis / Sargent  1652Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F688
7 Clough /   Abt 1641Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1461
8 Colby / Hoyt  14 Jan 1655/56Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F192
9 Collins / Eaton  5 Nov 1668Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F818
10 Currier / Barnard  29 Aug 1695Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F685
11 Currier / Osgood  9 Dec 1668Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F280
12 Elkins / Brown  22 Dec 1737Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1459
13 Flanders / Carter  28 Dec 1670Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F158
14 Flanders / Eaton  4 Nov 1686Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F841
15 Flanders / Hackett  8 Mar 1710/11Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F896
16 Flanders / Whittier  Yes, date unknownSalisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F9046
17 Greeley / Collins  23 Nov 1708Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F816
18 Greeley / Ilsley  17 Feb 1669/70Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F819
19 Greeley / Walker  21 Mar 1697/98Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F9126
20 Hackett / Barnard  31 Jan 1666/67Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1043
21 Hackett / Clough  13 Aug 1741Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F652
22 Hackett / Young  9 Dec 1708Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1044
23 Merrill / Morrill  23 May 1708Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1462
24 Morrill / Brown  30 May 1695Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1048
25 Morrill / Clement  10 Jun 1645Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1352
26 Morrill / Stevens  19 May 1725Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1405
27 Page / Flanders  30 Jan 1735Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1348
28 Page / Hauxworth  22 Nov 1664Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1350
29 Page / Morrill  31 Jul 1695Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1349
30 Pressey / Gouge  4 Dec 1663Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F8873
31 Ring / Brown  24 May 1736Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F8736
32 Rowell / Pindar  14 Nov 1643Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1132
33 Sargent / Barnes  2 Mar 1667/68Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F704
34 Sargent / Brown  8 Apr 1731Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F8734
35 Tucker / Nichols  Jun 1686Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F916
36 Tucker / Stevens  14 Oct 1661Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1175

Marriage Intent

Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Marriage Intent    Family ID 
1 Flanders / Tuxbury  30 Dec 1769Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F278
2 Hadlock / Collins  22 Aug 1701Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F817
3 Morrill / Smith  20 Apr 1734Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1404
4 Morrill / Stevens  8 May 1725Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1405
5 Page / Flanders  14 Dec 1734Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1348
6 Page / Merrill  22 Apr 1701Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts F1442